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Monday, June 06, 2005

A Family Affair

Well, like all good families do, the crew got together over the weekend to celebrate... and celebrate... and celebrate...

Friday was my grandfather's birthday, so we all decided to meet in the (909) for a surprise dinner. He was surprised. Even though traffic was a bitch which caused me and Blair to show up fifteen minutes late, he was surprised. It was a good 77th birthday celebration. And it was the first celebration like this that I got to bring a date. Do you know how freakin' special that is? Do you? I'm the notorious single girl at events like these... and now I have a date! A date who even reached across the table to kiss and hold my hand during dinner! (He's a keeper, I tell you!)

Saturday was a day spent doing laundry and other boring chores around the apartment. I cleaned up my balcony, though, so at least the neighbors should be happy about that. Not that my place is EVER an eyesore (God help me if my place isn't C-L-E-A-N; there was a reason my friends in college called me "Monica" from Friends.).

Sunday was another family event. The crew headed out my way for brunch and we went to the Warehouse in Marina Del Rey. There, we sat out on the patio and took lots of lame pictures with digital cameras. Yeah, we were one of "those" families. My mom wanted to keep us all together, so she suggested we head to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica for the afternoon. Off we went. And hours later, we found ourselves parked in a restaurant trying to recover from the day... It was fun - and I loved spending quality time with everyone.

Now it's back to the work-week. Yippee. Blair has a crazy schedule with work this week, so I won't be able to see him until the end of the week - Thursday, if we are lucky. How disgusting is it that I already miss him?
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