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Thursday, August 18, 2005


People who steal ideas from others for their own personal gain drives me nuts. Yet, we all do it.

I used to work with a guy - let's call him Dave - who would do this. Dave and I shared a wall between our offices. He was a real political nut; loved everything about politics. He would have long conversations with people in his office (other staff members, mind you, who SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORKING) that would drive me bonkers. The walls were thin, so I couldn't help but overhear much of the conversation that was at hand. Anyway, one day, Dave came out with a book. A book of politics that he wrote. The thing is - he didn't write it. You see, Dave had had so many conversations with people and STOLE so many other people's opinions and views that he compiled a book and made a profit for himself! How LOW is that?!?!

I was one of these victims. I remember after the book came out, I was standing in his office - probably talking about sports - when the conversation took a turn. I was quickly standing on my own soap box talking about...whatever, when I realized that Dave was taking "notes" on what I was saying. So, I stopped talking. I looked at him pointedly and asked, "Are you taking notes on what I'm saying?" He looked up at me, with a sheepish grin, and replied, "Yes." I didn't finish my train of thought. I was outraged. I told him that I wanted due credit for what I had been talking about because those were MY ideas and MY opinions. Too bad you can't copywrite your oral words, huh? (Giggle, giggle, I said ORAL.)

Dave ended up getting into Dartmouth for Graduate School - with a fellowship - because of the book. If it wasn't for that book, he couldn't have gotten into Podunk University because of all the rocks in his head. You can see how I feel about this.

As much as I am pissed about it, I understand the motivation behind it. I steal other peoples' jokes and funny quips to seem witty to my friends. So, I guess you can say I'm as much as a thief as Dave. But he's a whole lot richer and I'm... well, just stuck here ranting about it...
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom has always been good at making me cry. No, no, not the kind of cry because I was in trouble and deserved to have that spanking, leave the table with no dinner, and be banished to my room for six months. No, no. The kind of cry that only a mom can do when she looks at you with all the love in the world and you know that she would lay down her life for yours in a heartbeat.

I'm crying already.

My mom is one of "those" moms. She was always good at embarrassing me and my brother in those MOST inappropriate of moments - but always tried to be cool in front of our friends. She could always be relied on for packing extra bottles of water or bringing snacks to the movies. She laughs at my dad - which isn't hard to do - and then looks over at you and rolls her eyes (I love that). She dances silly but has the grace of an angel. She can work her way around the stock market better than anyone else in our family. She used to write notes on the napkins of packed lunches. Her hugs make the day a little brighter. She makes everything feel better just by the magic of her touch. She has watched me grow and mature from the time I was in her tummy (when I turned to say "HI" on the ultrasound screen) to the woman I've become today (with bumps and bruises along the way, but no less of the perfect daughter I always was). In my mom's eyes, I can see the woman I am - where I came from and where I am going.

I texted her a phone message this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday (you're nuts if you think I dare unleash the wrath of mom by saying HOW OLD she is today) and she promptly wrote back that she is happy to be here to enjoy it. Yeah, me too. I'm sooo glad you haven't died yet, mom, because there are plenty of more years that my brother and I would like to drive you crazy with. Sorry if that sounds insensitive. I hope you read the meaning behind it - I'm glad you're here, too. And if I don't say it enough, THANK YOU for being all that you are.

I love you, mom.
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Monday, August 08, 2005

They're Going HUMP Crazy!

Near work, the city has decided to put in speed bumps along a residential neighborhood that runs to the main road. It serves as a great access route which avoids the main road (inclusive of stop signs and street lights). Lots of people on "the hill" use this alternate route to get into town. Over the past five years, the residents of this particular neighborhood have gotten annoyed with the increased traffic on their streets. So much so, that they have posted their own signage... I've been witness to signs such as "SLOW DOWN! Kids at play" and "GO SLOW".

Someone finally complained loud enough and often enough to get the city's attention. The city did one of those traffic tests whereby they lay two strips of rubber on the street and count the cars that cross them. I guess enough people crossed that it has now led the city to install HUMPS on the streets of the neighborhood. The installation is to happen later this week - but in the mean time, there are big white letters in the street which read, HUMP.

My new favorite sign posted by the residents reads, "MORE HUMPS TO COME."

Four of us found the new HUMP signage in the streets on our way to lunch today. We were going to stop to take pictures, but ran out of time. (Dammit, no time to HUMP!) So tomorrow, we are DEFINITELY stopping. We may build in time to photograph HUMP while at lunch. I know what you're thinking and yes, you should be jealous. Oh yes, we HUMP at work.

Someone remarked that "they're going HUMP crazy" which prompted me to write this post. I hope to have a HUMP picture by tomorrow. ...Stay tuned...
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Second Good-Bye

Here are a few pics from this past weekend. Blair and I went up to San Francisco to visit with my grandparents and do the "good-bye" thing with them before I take off to the East.

This particular lake that we are next to (or on) is Stow Lake, in Golden Gate Park. From age 4 to 21, I would make it a PRIORITY, no a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT to visit this lake each time I went up to San Francisco. It was MY tradition and it was a very special thing. To actually bring someone else here was a BIG DEAL. Even having Blair with me at my grandparent's was a big deal. I can't really put into words the reasons WHY. I think it has more to do with sharing and experiencing a part of my life that means the world to me and has been part of me for a very long time. That I could actually share that with someone I love (outside of family, of course) means a lot. I kinda feel like this relationship was taken to "the next level" with this trip. I don't know if any of this makes sense to people who read this... So bear with me...

I hardly ever get to see my grandfather emotional. But on Sunday, as he drove us to the airport, he said a few words that struck a chord in my heart. Hugging him and saying "bye" at the airport was hard; tears were definitely involved. I can't remember ever having such a GREAT hug from my grandfather. It was really nice. But just made me that much more sad to say "bye." It was the first of many. Saying good-bye to my office definitely doesn't compare to those few moments by the side of the curb.

Anyway, these are just a few reflections from the weekend. Sorry it took a few days to get them posted.
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