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Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm getting married in 9 days! And wow, what a flurry of activity in our lives. I think when the world begins to spin too fast, somehow and for some reason, the universe reminds us to STOP. That happened to me just yesterday when something (bee? wasp? mini-harpoon?) stung me on the side/bottom of my foot. It felt like a piece of glass pierced through me and every step hurt worse than the last.

Anyway, the wedding plans have not stopped. There are programs to be printed, table assignments to be folded, favors to be put together, gifts to wrap, speeches to write, meetings to attend, weight to be lost, photos that need frames and a whole laundry list of details to be checked off. But we're getting there... It all needs to happen in the next few days and I'm confident it will get done!

There are other "things" that are happening but I can't talk about them just yet. So, everyone, send positive vibes out there for the next week and a half as all this busy-ness (and EXCITEMENT) gets a little more settled.
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