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Thursday, November 30, 2006


The "HOLIDAYS" are officially upon us. With them comes the cooking, the sweet temptation of butter and lard, the shopping, the wrapping, the driving, the hugging, the family drama, the holiday songs, and too much merry to leave you walking a straight line. Or maybe that's just my version of the holidays and the joyous holiday spirit. Am I allowed to admit that I'm already annoyed with the Southern California radio station that has been playing non-stop Christmas songs for the past TWO WEEKS?!?! (STOP THE INSANITY, PEOPLE!)

What would this Thanksgiving be, without a little turkey and a little football. These photos are nearly a week late, but when do I ever get pictures posted in a timely manner?

Check out number 7 on the left side of this photo - that should give you an idea of how much MUD was on this field.

Mom and Blair working in the kitchen.

This is a year of "firsts" for Blair. This was his first time carving a turkey.

It's good to be home, isn't it bro.? This time last year, I was in Cambridge and Scott was in Iraq.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

California Has Never Seen A "Noreaster" Cold

Although it's not as bad as some of those New England 'Noreaster' cold snaps, Southern California is beginning to get COLD. Yes, folks, even WE can get into the 20's at night. The next couple of days are bringing cold temps (we might even get as low as the 60 degree mark, for a daytime high), cold winds (the infamous Santa Ana winds are-a-comin'), and frosty nights. The mid-state wine valleys are predicted to have a rough crop season with the cold... NOOOO! Not the wine; spare the wine!!

Today, I've layered myself in a turtle-neck AND a sweater. (Whoa, I know.) I still feel like I need space heater under my desk to warm the footsies.

CA has made me soft. Last year, in 60 degree weather, I would have been wearing sandals.
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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Search Continues

Today I searched and searched...

I searched high
I searched low
I searched left
I searched right
I searched between cracks
I searched under pillow cushions - sort of...

And still.. nothing..

Apartments in L.A. are hard to find. Especially those that are within my price range and are in a safe neighborhood. I called to inquire on 16 apartments today. I'll give you one guess as to what I came up with.

I had hoped that I would have been out of my parent's house by the holidays. And yet, here I am. I have a feeling this is going to be like the job search...

Keep your fingers crossed! (Unless you have a place for rent - then you should call me.)
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh... To Be Lucky

My friend, Amber, got engaged over the weekend.

I’m so happy for her – she’s totally excited and giddy about the whole thing. Yesterday afternoon, we talked and talked about wedding ideas and what it would mean to be MARRIED. I happened to do a lot of the talking; surprisingly. It was so out of character for me – to act like a “girl” and want to play dress-up; dress-up in a bridal gown.

I drove home last night thinking how LUCKY she was to have someone say to her: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I choose you, above all others. You’re the person that I want to wake up to everyday – rain or shine. No matter how bad it may get, we’ll get through it together. How lucky for anyone to say that to us.

It made me realize how much I want to be married; how much I want for someone to say those words to me and to make that type of life-commitment to me. …And how much I want to say and live that commitment to another person. There are moments when I question if that will ever happen – will someone ever really love me enough to choose me, above all else? It is moments like this that make me sad…and lonely.

I drove home, lost in my thoughts and wondering what the future holds. I thought about those words that I’ve never heard… about the bachelor-ette party that I WANT to have, but the one that I won’t GET to have…if I have one at all…about the kind of life that I want to make with another...about what it would mean to have a true partnership… I thought about a lot of things…

I guess those thoughts have stayed with me today. I can’t seem to focus. This computer screen is staring back at a blurry-eyed girl – wanting, almost desperately, to be loved the way that Amber is loved. I feel bad about being envious. She’s just so lucky

I’m 28 years old and my proverbial “clock” is ticking… LOUDLY.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You Asked For It

I haven't been taking too many pictures recently - and I know some of you have been asking for a few. Well, until I dust off the camera, enjoy this one from last August. ...Since then, we both changed our hair (mine is about five inches shorter and darker - while Blair decided to buzz his off). Otherwise, we look the same. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to share over the course of the holidays.

This picture was taken at my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful day.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dancing Queen

There are many things that are driving me bonkers about living with my parents and/or the boyfriend. I could list them, but I'm sure you would actually like to get through reading this post before nightfall... The one thing that I've chosen to discuss today is my love for dance.

I am a dancing queen, a dancing machine, a dancing feign. I love to dance. When I lived by myself - or even with a roommate, who am I kidding? - I would dance like it was nobody's business. Turn up the volume and watch me wiggle. Often, I would pick up a t.v. remote and use it as my microphone. Oh yes, that's me. I would dance in my bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, on the tables, the bed, the chairs - ANYWHERE.

Not being able to dance, like the queen that I am, is making me sad. I've resorted to dancing in my car; while 'parked' in traffic. ...Which is okay, except that I'm surrounded by windows and people give me funny looks. I have no microphone and I can't really use my legs - it's more of an upper-body dance.

I've seen other women dance in their cars and they look totally ridiculous. I know I must, too. But, oh, just to dance...
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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Words From A Wise Soldier

Veteran's Day: Remembering the Price of Freedom

"As Americans, we have many rights and freedoms that are unique to our way of life. Freedoms that other countries across the globe can not boast; freedoms such as the right to vote for our leaders, to choose whichever religion we prefer and without reprisal, the right to a fair trial, and a number more that make the American way of life so attractive.

This year marks the 230th year of our independence, and over the course of this time, we have fought not only on our own soil, but on foreign as well. We have fought to protect ourselves and our allies, and have made efforts to help other nations achieve a better way of life, but this has come with a hefty price. Military personnel as well as civilians working for the government have sacrificed themselves time and again so that the people at home can enjoy the freedoms guaranteed to them by our country's most sacred documents.

I have had the opportunity to serve this great nation, and fight against our country's enemies. Many of my views on life have been radically changed in a relatively short amount of time, and as I reflect on how I used to think and act, I realize that I always took for granted everything from my most basic freedoms to my most luxurious amenities. I am now aware of the difference between the two. I now know exactly what personal sacrifice means, and I have experienced it. I have seen the ultimate sacrifice one can make, the giving one's own life for his country, to lose his life and liberty so that others may enjoy it, and it is without question that something of that magnitude demands commemoration. One way to commemorate these selfless individuals is to remember them on Veteran's Day, and reflect on what many have sacrificed for the good of the American people. On Veteran's Day, I urge you to remember those who have answered, and those who currently are answering, the call of duty to provide you with safety and comfort at home.

As for myself, Veteran's Day means much more. I recall the friends that are not here with me today. I remember the good times with them, but can not help remembering that they are lost, and although it is sometimes overbearing, I recall a quote that helps me get through the hard times: "It has always fallen to a few to sacrifice for the good of many." They fell defending our country from those who threaten our way of life, and although they are gone, they are not forgotten.

Veteran's Day is a day to commemorate those who have fought for our country, and honor their accomplishments and sacrifices. Jose Naroski once said, "In war there are no unwounded soldiers." I remember my experiences in that foreign desert, and although it is over now, the effects and the transformation to [a] veteran is permanent, and the events that took place overseas will stick with me for as long as I live."

Lance Corporal, U.S.M.C.
Operation Iraqi Freedom, 16 September 2005- 6 April 2006
Iskandariyah, Iraq
Fallujah, Iraq
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This goes out to all the people of Long Beach , who I saw doing some version of this today…

A booger poem
Ugly green form on finger
STOP nose-picker STOP

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Long Lost Friend

Every once in a while, we come across people who we may have crossed paths with before. (This tends to happen to me probably more than most.) Sometimes, it doesn't mean much - we exchange a few tid-bits of life, give the updates, promise to keep in touch, blah, blah, blah... and won't see them again for another five years. But sometimes, we are lucky enough to call that person a "friend" once again.

The only thing I can compare it to is when you find $20 in your coat pocket - you're excited to have re-found that thing that should have been with you all along. (...Not to say that my friend is worth $20... $19.50 - MAYBE.)

It's these sort of friends that you just want to hug and say - thanks for being my friend. Thanks for calling, thanks for making me smile, thanks for the great conversation, thanks for... well - just being you. Let's not forget Minnesota. (Who isn't grateful for Minnesota?) I'm so happy you're in my life again.
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Meet Jack... He's Our First

Yay! We finally got a picture of "Jack" up! ..Thank you, Blair..


Oh wait... no... you can't meet Jack. Why, you may wonder? Well, let me tell you. "SOMEONE" was supposed to take a picture of our Jack so that it could be posted on this blog. But "SOMEONE" is apparently too busy... and is now just procrastinating. Jack is starting to grow mold and will soon be tossed into the trash. However, Jack was definitely a significant part of our lives.

He was Blair's first pumpkin, you see. We spent a great deal of time looking for Jack, finding the right tools to carve his face, drawing designs, gutting his insides, and making him "ours." He is precious. And I would love to show you a photo of him... but... well, you know.

Sit tight, my friends, for one day there will be a photo of our First Jack. (Hopefully before the Winter Holidays!)
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