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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


10 weeks

This was our first ultrasound.  Half way through the tears of joy and giggles of excitement a little hand went up and seemingly "waved" at us!  It was awesome!  The baby was moving around and we saw arms and legs and the HEARTBEAT!  It was going 170 beats per minute and hearing it made it that much more real.  Before this, it seemed like just an abstract thought... but this made it REAL.

Mom and baby are doing well.  Doctor says we are due at the end of July.  We are all looking forward to sharing this part of our journey with you!
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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Our New Year started waaaay shy of a bang.  In fact, we were >this close< to being the most boring couple during NYE in the history of boredom.  We were beat out, though, by those who are six feet underground.  And who knows, they may have been having a Dead Man's Party!  Anyway, we were quiet and content with our emergence into the New Year.  That will be the quietest part of the rest of year as we have BIG PLANS for 2010!  Just wait, folks, just wait...

And so, another year begins.  We are excited and anxious about the possibilities for what may come this year.  We will celebrate me getting a job (at some point!), we will celebrate our first anniversary, we will eat cake, we will gain weight (and then lose it!), we will laugh, we will cry, and we will celebrate all that LIFE has given to us.  I am determined to make this year great and memorable.

We look forward to continuing our journey together and sharing it with you!
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