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Thursday, August 31, 2006

How To Make A Statement

CNN's Kyra Phillips is a champ. Click HERE.

This whole incidents reminds me of that part, in Naked Gun, where Leslie Nielson's character goes to the loo during the Mayer's speech. One word: AWESOME.
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Michael Noer Is A Jackhole

I was stunned when I read this Forbes.com Magazine article. To think that anyone would still have the idea that "a career (woman) can hurt a marriage" is either INSANE or just an ASSHOLE. Maybe a bit of both = an insane asshole.

Things like this get my blood boiling. Where is country headed when we have professionals saying BS like this? I can understand that kind of mentality if you're in another country - or even Utah - but not a writer for Forbes. I thought that the US was actually moving towards becoming a society based on the principles of The American Dream - where equality and justice for all were hallmark to our belief system. Silly me.

And as I sit back in my leather chair, looking out of the window of my big office at the new BMW I bought, I can't help but to wonder: Am I less attractive because I work hard? Because I'm smart? Because I'm ambitious? Because these pictures of loved ones in my office mean the world to me? I can't ever imagine meeting a man who would devalue who I am or what I have accomplished solely based on my desire to have a career.

What's so wrong with having a career? According to Jackhole Mike, there are a number of factors that warn men against women like me. However, I find that the strong career-minded women who I have come to know and respect are miles above average. And, they are happily married to REAL MEN who love, respect, and appreciate them. Their homes are clean, their kids are happy, their marriages are true partnerships (the way it should be!) and they have jobs that keep them interesting. If anything, I would think that a man would be bored with a woman who is uneducated, who does not have opinions, and who would rather be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Give me a good man who appreciates a decent, hard-working, motivated and educated woman ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. ...Oh, and go F*** yourself Michael Noer.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

We're All In It For Ourselves

This whole thing on blogging is weird, isn't it?

I just spent the last few minutes cruising through blog sites of others. People really love to talk about themselves. Those are the majority of blogs out there - people talking about people and what happens in their daily lives. To the rest of us who don't really give a damn or who can't relate - it's pretty boring.

So why do so many people do it? I think it has something to do with...
1. Wanting to be heard. Call it an anonymous soap-box where everyone can have a world-wide audience. For FREE. Some of you even make money off your ranting.
2. Stoking our own egos. LOVE ME, LOVE ME, LOVE ME. I'm interesting and dammit, if I'm ever famous, you will read all about me and my world. I will be famous for the sake of being famous - like Paris Hilton.
3. Feeling like we are part of a living history. After you love me, REMEMBER ME. FOREVER.

I admit I'm part of this weird phenomenon and I still kind of like it. Even if it's for all the wrong reasons, this blog is a representation of ME. Weird or not, boring or not, read or not... it's mine; all mine.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Living With The Parents, Part II

My dad brings me breakfast each morning. It's either a croissant or a doughnut.

I have wine every evening, when I get home. It's usually white.

...It's really not all THAT bad... Until I start thinking that I'm 28 years old and living with my parents again - just the idea of that gets me freaked out all over again.
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Friday, August 18, 2006

And Just Like That... It's Gone

I have a few favorite radio stations that I like to listen to, especially in the car when there's traffic. I have my morning show, which has become a staple of my everyday - even when I was in Boston, I would listen to KROQ on the Internet. Then there's the top 40s station, the love song station (for those late nights when I'm feeling mushy), the everything station, and on and on and on. WELL... this past Thursday, one of my very favorite stations (KZLA) went off the air - no warning, no goodbyes, no nothing. POOF - it was gone.

I'll admit it was country - which isn't everyone's cup of tea. But it was the ONLY country radio station in LA. Apparently, KZLA had the biggest country market in the nation (as opposed to other cities which have a number of country-lovers, but who also have a number of country radio stations competing for the top spot). Here, there was a dense population tuning to one channel for country. And now it's gone...

And in its place, this new station (Movin' 93.9... or as I like to call it: Some Shit In The Place of MY Station) Worse yet, Rick Dees is supposed to be coming out of retirement to host part of the morning show. I CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING WORSE.

It's a very sad thing, indeed.
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Living With The Parents, Part I

Ahh... living with the parents is entertaining. Because my dad is a high school teacher, he has the summer off. This free time usually lends itself to all those "honey-do's" that he can't (or won't) get around to during the normal school year. This summer is no exception - my dad is keeping himself appropriately busy.

Since I'm still living at home my dad is always home at the end of the day. I've been getting home a little late most nights, so mom has been there too. Every now and then, my dad gets a hair up his ass and gets stuck on an idea - where my mom and I exchange those "glances." A few nights ago, my dad wanted to watch a movie ("let's watch a family favorite!"). Of course he couldn't let it go and besides The Princess Bride and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, I can't think of any other family favorite movies. I was a little worried about what we might end up watching as a supposed family favorite -- Die Hard? Harvey? Some Random Shit That Nobody Wants to Watch? We ended up watching Dave. He didn't format the screen correctly and then he added subtitles to the bottom of the screen (I guess we need to learn French now). I kept looking over at my mom - doing those "glances" at every opportunity.

I don't know if my dad just likes having the kids back in the house or if he's simply getting old. Either way, it's pretty funny to watch him fumble around. Ahhh, dad... I love you so much... and I love that you make me laugh behind your back...
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Friday, August 04, 2006

Sleepless In Seattle Syndrome

I seem to be afflicted with something. It might be the "romance" virus that has a tendency to seep into the hearts of women... I call it the Sleepless In Seattle Syndrome. It's where:

~ the afflicted are looking for that perfect romantic relationship where you find the "magic" in another person
~ where the romance can stop you in your tracks in the middle of a busy street
~ when even though you were living your life the way you had planned out, someone comes and makes your head spin (and you like it!!)
~ where the love is spontaneous and stupid
~ where the connectedness and love can conquer all
~ where brokenhearts, past relationships, family, money, jobs, etc., don't get in the way
~ where you never question or doubt the strength of the relationship
~ where your eyes sparkle and your heart soars at the very mention of the other person's name
~ where every love song on the radio could have been written for you

...but I'm finding that the truth is far, far from that...

Love is complicated and can be messy. As much as you keep hoping for daytime rainbows and moonlit nights, it will sometimes be cloudy and grey. Finding a balance between life, stress, old baggage and expectation - relationships are hard. I've fallen victim to the Sleepless In Seattle Syndrome plenty of times... just hoping that a truly "magical" relationship could exist. Perhaps it can - but not without a lot of smoke and mirrors. But every now and then, I still hope for a nice walk on the beach with a man who I consider Prince Charming.
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's Official

It's official: I AM EMPLOYED. I begin work on Monday. (I would tell you my cool new BIG and IMPORTANT title, and where I will be decorating a pretty new office, but then you might show up... and God knows, I do not want visitors. Especially YOU.)

It's official: I AM A FAT PIECE OF LARD. I caught my reflection in a window today and my thought process went something like this: "Wow, who's that pretty chick? Oh, wait, that's me. Hey, I'm a pretty good-lookin' chick. OH MY GOD, where did that stomach and those hips come from? I'm HUGE. And now that I'm looking at myself, I may as well take a good look over... Hair=Good, Shoulders=Good, Boobs=Good, Legs=Good, Arms=Need a bit of work, Stomach=Holy SHIT, Waist=Shit, Hips=Double Shit, Butt=OH FUCK..." And then I just stopped looking. I was only going to depress myself if I looked any longer. It could have been the bright yellow sweater I was wearing, but I think the clothing excuse has just about run its course. Time to find a treadmill.
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Far, Far Away

I'm in the Bay Area (San Francisco for you who don't speak CA-lingo). I've been here since Friday, visiting friends, babies and two-year olds of said friends, and grandparents. It's been a nice couple of days and I'm soooo glad that I've taken some time away from home. After all, a girl can only get so much of Springer before she needs to escape from TVland and remember that the world is still normal.

Let me tell you a few of the highlights since being here:

On the flight up, I saw an AWESOME guy. He looked to be about 192 years old, cruising in his ghetto fabulous wheelchair, darting those shifty eyes behind sunglasses that Jackie O. would have been proud of, and sporting a hat that read: NO MERCY. I wanted to kick him in the knee caps just to see if he would chase after me and make that hat mean something. But I didn't.

I spent lots of time with an adorable 2 year old who calls me Aunt Jessie. I got to read, play, sing, help with bathroom "duty," bathe, dress and follow her EVERYWHERE. I loved it. For three days and three nights, we were best buddies. ...And now I want a beautiful and perfect daughter - just like her - to follow me home...

I attended a baptism of a six-month old (sister of the 2 year old). It was the sweetest and loudest Church ceremony I've seen in a long time. There were family and friends (and other children of these friends) who attended, with a party to follow. We had such fun - it was a true celebration.

I'm now at the grandparent's house, oohing and aahing over their new painted walls. It truly is beautiful. I thought I loved their house before, but NOW... when they're not looking, I might just steal it. -Speaking of stealing, we had a fantastically funny conversation about theft on the deck last night. I admitted to keeping extra money that was handed to be from a Burger King employee while my grandmother admitted to NEVER committing such a sin as THEFT. My grandfather piped up that he saw at least seven ash trays sitting pretty on the deck that had mysteriously been swiped from hotels... and he didn't do it. So my grandmother is not only a thief, but a liar too. I was cracking up.

And finally, it looks like when I return to Los Angeles in a few days, I will be employed. I'm about to accept a position as an Associate Director at a small college in Southern California. Can I get a "whoop whoop!"? (You must raise your hands over your head as if raising the roof when you say that. Go on, do it - you'll have fun, I promise.) I'm just glad that I will now be able to pay my bills without that worried crease in my forehead becoming more and more prominent. Oh, and of course, I will get to move into a place of my own - no longer will I have to live out of the suitcases and boxes that have scattered the southland! No longer will it take me two hours to find my birth control pills! No longer will I have to feel like a guest in everyone else's home! No longer will I have to worry that my underwear may be lying in a stack of another person's dirty laundry! No longer will I have to ask to use another computer! NO - I can have a place of my own! The world will be right again!

Hope your world is rockin' too, my friends!

I'll post a few photos when I get home.

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