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Sunday, February 17, 2008


I feel so lucky to have found a guy that really cares about me. We spent 3 hours this morning cleaning our condo for a short visit with my parents and grandfather. The only reason that he helped was probably because he knows how neurotic I get when the place is a mess and company is going to visit. I NEED A CLEAN HOUSE. It can go back to its normal shithole tomorrow, but TODAY, it must be clean.

Yesterday, after fighting about how much I DID NOT want to go into the store, Blair let me sit in the car outside. When he returned, he had bought me big, fat, juicy, shiny, brilliant pearl earrings. Just because. Do you know how lucky I am to get pearl earrings after throwing a tantrum about shopping? S-U-P-E-R LUCKY. Most guys would have kicked me to the curb a long time ago, but I got lucky with a man who understands how much I hate to go shopping.

Now, as I marinate in the clean house, I'm listening to Blair in the room and watching Bailey play. I'm so lucky to have them. Bailey has added so much to the relationship between me and Blair. We are so lucky to have her. Dogs have invisible powers of ADORABLE. Not only do I have one of the cutest, smartest, most loveable dogs in the world, but she's got magic powers that melt your heart. I knew she was a gem when I saw her in the pet store, but she's grown into OUR DOG who brings us so much joy and happiness, every day. I look forward to our cuddle time in the morning and I love the way she snuggles into to me for love. -She will be a year old in a few weeks and I have no idea where the time went! She's still such a puppy! I know I sound like the gushy pet-parent I never wanted to be. I only hope I will never put a sweater on her.

So, here we are: the three of us at home on a Saturday night - totally lucky to be hanging out with each other.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Valentine's Day. Ugh, the most over-commercialized of all "HOLIDAYS." While Groundhog Day is sooo much more cool, every February I dread the 14th. ...And not for any particular reason...

I've had some VERY GOOD Valentine's Days: (and one not-so-good)
* In school, I always had a ton of valentines greetings and candy. And we all know, whoever has more WINS.
* When I was 7 years old, my dad gave me a card that asked me to be his Valentine. That was pretty special. I still have that card, in fact, because it made me feel so special.
* I got roses from boys, even in elementary school.
* I got a teddy bear from Matt when I was in 7th grade.
* Then there was that one with Joe, a long time ago. -That was a special one because it was fun, sexy, romantic, and well - because it sort of felt like I was an adult.
* Then I actually became an adult and things kind of went south. I kidd you not when I say, I spent one Valentine's Day with a boyfriend in the oh-so-classy Arby's Restaurant. Um... YEAH.
* Two years ago Blair sent me flowers over-night when I was away at school. Those were beautiful - and quite unexpected.

This year was another good year. Blair gave me a set of roses that are some of the most gorgeous that I've seen in a long time. (And since he gets me flowers frequently, these are REALLY nice!) He also gave me perfume that I had been wanting for a long while. We went to dinner and had a nice evening. The absolute BEST part of this year was the cards - we both got each other the exact same card! Out of the millions that are produced, especially for this holiday, what were the chances?! ...Maybe that's why he and I are so good together; we have the same sense of humor and pick the same card for each other...

While I hate the thought of spending money and getting all gushy over a holiday, I do enjoy the sentiment of Valentine's Day. It's a day to appreciate those we love and celebrate one another. So while I technically have my valentine(s) for this year (we can't forget Miss Bailey), there are a lot of people in my life to love and celebrate.

So, Everyone, Happy Valentine's Day

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