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Monday, February 28, 2005

San Diego in February
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Did I Forget To Mention?

Did I forget to mention that my brother got into another car accident? This would be his second not-at-fault car pummeling. The first he managed to pull off in grand style - flipping our family Jeep six times on the freeway and sending it to car heaven. This one, THANK GOD, was not that bad. He managed to slide under another car on the freeway and ruined the hood of his car. There's more to it than that, but I don't feel like expounding on the details.

Yeah, February 10th. What is it about this time of year and car accidents?
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Random Thoughts - As Usual

Some days are just random. That seems to happen a lot with me. Most of my days, are in fact, random.

Coming off a long weekend, we were to have a "planning" day at work today. That means of course, that once everything gets "planned," we get to go home early. I left at 2:30pm this afternoon and it was great. I decided to stop by the gas station, the bank, and the video store, because I knew it was going to be another few days before the rain would let up and allow any human who is not yet water-logged with all those pruny fingers and toes to get anything done. I told you it was a random day.

Between the bank and the video store, NEW GUY called. I love it when NEW GUY calls. I love it even more when I look at my phone after NEW GUY hangs up and I see that we've been talking for one hour, one minute, and ten seconds. I was sitting in the parking lot outside the video store but I was one hundred miles away. He does that to me. What makes it even better is that we talked about something near and dear to my heart - the thing that makes me passionate about my work: Education.

Coming from a small family where education was the primary focus (and not just because my dad is a high school teacher), we often talk about the nature of education, where we're headed, politics of spending on education, and blah, blah, blah. It always turns into something heated where everyone is left frustrated and wondering, "how did we get on this topic, AGAIN?" NEW GUY brought different points to the table today. I enjoyed being able to have this intellectually stimulating conversation with someone who hears me, wants to know what I think, has differing views, has wonderful ideas, cares about what I'm passionate for and wants to share that with me. I walked into the video store reminded of how wonderful it is have moments like these.

So then I get home, pull on the sweat pants, pop the corn, make the tea, light the fire, and roll the film. I had decided to rent Garden State because I like independent quirky films (I should just stop there, but I also rented the movie because NEW GUY said that he liked it). It's the kind of movie that depicts regular people in real life situations dealing with emotions and worries that others can relate to. And even if you can't relate to the characters or the incidents, there's a piece of genuineness and real-ness that makes it a worthwhile story. Of course I liked it and of course it got me thinking... Some movies just do that to you.

  • What am I feeling in my own life?
  • What is bothering me?
  • What is making me happy?
  • What do I obsess about? And why?
  • What would I give up for that one special thing?
  • Where am I headed? Do I like that path?

NEW GUY said something interesting today in the middle of the conversation. He said that he was content to live an ordinary life - a life that isn't flashy, full of prestige, a life with family, a life of connectivity... I think it was stated in some sort of collared shirt metaphore (wink, wink). I want that life, too. Something ordinary, not too flashy, a life spent with a partner and a friend, where I can come home to children, and leave knowing that I will always be connected to loved ones.

To answer my own questions:
** I have no idea what I'm feeling in my own life. It changes from day to day, hour to hour, moment to moment. Right now, I feel safe in my apartment; content with my life. I close my eyes and hear the sound of the rain on the window. I can hear music in the background. My feet are cold, but my chest is warm. I can smell a candle from the other room. My mind is racing.
** I'm bothered that I will always have more questions than answers.
** Writing all of this is making me happy.
** I obsess about LIFE because that's all there is to really care about, once all is said and done. I don't know much about any of it.
** What would I give up for that one special thing? I really don't know... my job, material objects, comforts, money, sleep... I wouldn't/won't sacrifice myself or those that I love. To me, that is my LIFE.
** I'm headed in a good direction of the unknown. I'm glad I don't know.

The rain is really coming down hard now. I think I'll go make more tea.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

You Know Who You Are

Thanks for the Valentine's Day message that you left on my machine. That was surprising (VERY unexpected); but nice. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate it.

And I hope EVERYONE had a very sweet V-Day... XOXO

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Valentine's Day
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Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pretty Girl!
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Friday, February 11, 2005

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Twice a year, I get to embark on my "travel season" which allows me to rack up a ton of airline points. Currently, I have enough points to go around the globe, first-class, a few times. I'm trying to save up for a nice trip one day. (Ahem, honeymoon.)

That being said, it gets really hard to have a LIFE in L.A. when I'm gone so much. Nevermind the fact that I'm dating and want to spend as much time at home because of him, but I also want to be able to plan weekends with friends - a luxury that has not been afforded to me every spring and fall for the last 4.5 years. It makes me wonder what other normal people do with their lives when they aren't traveling... Hmmm... I wonder...

Valentine's Day is coming up and this will be the fourth consecutive year that I won't be home for the occasion. In the past, this was a good thing - I could "escape" the stupid Hallmark Holiday by ignoring it's existence and leaving town. However, it might actually be nice to be home one year and celebrate LOVE (puke, gag, making that finger down-the-throat sign).

Anyway, I'm sort of babbling and don't really have all that much to say. So, for those of you who are in LOVE (more puking and gagging and motioning of the fingers) have a very happy VALENTINE'S DAY with that someone special. Give them a kiss for me. For those of you (other) single people, have a love affair with ice cream. I hear Ben & Jerry are pretty good in the sack.

Au revoir mes amis! J'ecrirai encore bientot!
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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Beer Bandit

Yesterday when I got home from my recent trip, I was PISSED to find that my apartment was a mess. For those that don't know, I can be a little anal when it comes to cleanliness (but only in MY place - I don't give a rat's ass about yours). All of my roommates (past and present) know this about me and I make no mistake about keeping my bathroom and kitchen as clean as possible.

Before I left on Sunday, I had cleaned the kitchen. We're talking wiping down the countertops, cleaning the stove, cleaning the floor, scrubbing the sink, dusting the top of the fridge, taking out the trash... the usual. Because it was BIG GAME Sunday, I also went and bought beer. (YAY! I think every time beer -YAY!- is mentioned, there should be an automatic YAY! that is thrown into the conversation.) So, picture this: a happy little girl, lounging on her couch, with beer (YAY!) and pizza and a clean kitchen.

Well, I had to leave Sunday to drive down to San Diego for a few days. Guess what I found when I got home? Yep, you've read this far - A MESS.

  • There were two bags of trash propped up against the wall when I came in.
  • There were toast crumbs ALL OVER the countertops.
  • The floor was a mess.
  • There was a weird stink that was emerging from the sink (how freakin' hard is it to throw a switch and run the disposal?).
  • The dishwasher was loaded wrong - AGAIN!
  • And to top it all off, half of my beer (YAY!) was gone.

I was PISSED. How the fuck does he live when I'm not there? You know what, I don't care... just pick it up. And don't drink my beer (YAY!)!!!

Now I have to be the "bad guy" because he's a slob.

Anyway, when I retold this story to a friend this morning (ranting and raving in my normal fashion), he asked me if I wanted to hear something funny. ("ALWAYS") He told me that Daewoo makes forklifts. No, it's not funny; but it IS random. And I love random. So I started to laugh. And I laughed even harder when I drove to work this morning and some ass cut me off on the freeway, driving a Daewoo. So even though one guy pissed me off to no end, another one MADE my morning.

PS - If my future husband ever reads this, honey, please don't make the mistake of drinking MY BEER (YAY!) without replacing it. Oh, and wipe down the countertops every once in a while.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pop Culture

Tonight I had Panda Express for dinner. Yum, I know.

My fortune told me this: The strengths in your charater will bring you serenity.

The first thing that came to mind was SERENITY NOW! in that Jerry Stiller voice. Thanks, Seinfeld, for keeping me up to speed with pop culture.
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Maggie Moo's

There is an ice cream parlor in San Diego called Maggie Moo's.

Who's brillliant idea was it to come up with that name? Not only do you already feel sort-of guilty about indulging in ice cream, but now you have to be reminded that you're gonna look like a cow when you go in. And even more-so when you come out!

Hey, you fat cow, get your big ass in here and eat some ice cream! MOOOOOOO!

A guy must have named this place - any normal woman would have known...
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Monday, February 07, 2005

Human Nature

What is it with men in uniform? I mean, you would think that the world would stop spinning when a fireman, a policeman, a lifeguard, a military guy, a baseball player, or any other tight body of a man would walk into a room.

Case in point: I had lunch at a deli shop today and while I was standing at the counter, two uniformed lifeguards walked in. There were only women working at the time and all of them - I'm not kidding - started talking a little sweeter, smiled a little broader, and laughed a little more. One woman even looked at me with these eyes that said "WOW - look what just walked in! We're so lucky!" It's the weirdest phenomenon to observe... You would have thought that these were the last two men on the planet and we were the lucky women who would get to procreate with them.

Why is it that women do this when hot guys walk into a room? It's the most primal thing ever... And I'm just so fascinated with it! I even caught myself walking with a little sway in my hips. And they weren't even that good-looking! But they had those uniforms... grrrrr...

Men, you might want to invest in a uniform if you find yourself a little lonely - it seems to work wonders!
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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Often I'll take my lunch at the park. Today was such an occassion.

At what age do we grow out of that tendency to RUN everywhere? I watched three children RUN the whole time I was at the park. How did we ever do that? Didn't we get tired?

How lucky to have no worries - to run and run and run with the force of life that can't be explained with words.

I want to be a kid again.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Day

Okay, it's been a random day already:

1. This morning I saw a gimp three-legged cat! If the fatty wasn't being so well-taken care of, I may have picked up the little booger to bring home and show people. ("Hey everybody! Come look at my gimpy three-legged cat!") I REALLY wanted to go out and try to scare it, just to see how it would run... but that would just be too cruel. (I'm demented.)

2. I ATE SHIT today! If it wasn't so funny, my ego would probably be bruised right about now, but it was F*ING HILARIOUS! I was getting out my friend's car at lunch and I stepped onto a piece of grass that had a divet in it. I lost my footing and before I knew it, I was on all fours (in my white pants) laughing hysterically. I didn't hurt myself, which is good, but my sides were sort of hurting because of all the laughter. The worst part is that this occurred right in front of a psychic's place - so the bitch was probably in the window, waiting for it to happen.

3. I spent the last hour on the phone with the one person who makes me turn stupid. And he likes me for it. ...This just keeps getting better and better...

It's only two o'clock and I still have the rest of the day to go.
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For those still in the dark, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today. This of course means there will be six more weeks of winter.

In college, I decided (along with a good friend) that there were too many holidays being left unnoticed. He chose to celebrate Flag Day with the best of 'em while I chose to adopt Groundhog Day as my personal day of celebration. So, every February 2nd, I would greet as many people as I possibly could with "HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!" Most people would just look at me like I was crazy (but what else is new?) or they would be reminded of that awful Bill Murray movie. If anyone was interested, I would give them the details on Punxsutawney Phil and what the forecast would be for the next six weeks - spring coming early or winter staying with us.

It's been a while since college, but Groundhog Day (YAY!) is still sort of a big deal to me. I don't know why ~ chalk it up to another weird trait of mine.
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