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Thursday, September 20, 2007

How To Have A Miss Teen South Carolina Moment

PERSON 1: Yesterday, I heard about a program called Young Judaea.
PERSON 2: Oh yeah? What's that about?
PERSON 1: They send students to Islam for a year.
PERSON 2: Islam is religion - not a country.
PERSON 1: (Thinking, pensively) Oh, wait, I meant Israel. ...OH MY GOD, please don't tell anyone I just said that. I sound like Miss Teen South Carolina!


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Butterflies On The Freeway

It's September. For me, that means school is back in session and cars multiply themselves inexplicably. Yes, it is the start of my fall travel season and it kicks into high gear... GET READY TO START YOUR ENGINES.

Today, as I sat in traffic for the umpteenth time this week, I watched two butterflies dance on air. Amidst the noise, frustration, car exhaust and nightmare that has become the LA scene, they were a welcome reminder that Mother Nature is never too far away. It's moments of watching butterflies that take me out of my hectic life and can put things into perspective. My job will always be there - whether I put in an extra hour at work makes no difference to anyone but me. And I'm already "that good" so why waste precious time stuck in an office when I can be at home with BAILEY! BLAIR! or spend quality time with family LIKE NEW BABY CAM!

I believe it is the quiet whispers of Life that we don't hear often enough. The beauty of the changing color of leaves (even in Southern California, leaves change color); the puffy white clouds that tell us "rain is on the way"; the soft breeze that messes up the best of hair days; butterflies dancing on air. When I get home today, I know Bailey will greet me before I even open the door. I know, too, that Blair will give me a kiss 'hello' and share stories of his day. These are my whispers (Bailey ensures that many of them are not whispers at all, but enthusiastic jumps and cries of excitement). I wouldn't want it any other way.

Yet, the road is beckoning and I'll soon be heading out of town. First stop: TEXAS. I'll be heading to Austin on Monday for a National Conference. It should be fun - I'm expecting to see a lot of friends and to hit a few hot-spots on 6th Avenue. (WHOO HOO!) Second stop: NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. This will be the highlight of my travels - I'll get to spend quality time with my grandparents, visit my best-friend, and re-connect with a lot of professional friends that I haven't seen in a few years. Final stop: ARIZONA. This will be the second time visiting AZ... the first was with Zak many moons ago. (Ahh, memories...) The best part about my travel is coming home at the end of it all - which should be around November 1st.

For now, it's one day at a time. I have to remember to breathe, to trust that everything that needs to get done WILL IN FACT GET DONE, and hope for a few more butterflies along the way...
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