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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Bug!

Dear Morgan,

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!  I can't believe that a year has already gone by since you came into our lives and two became three, officially.  Since we can remember, your daddy and I have wanted to become parents.  Even before we were married, we talked about kids and the importance of having a family.  And after we wed, there was no holding back on making that dream a reality... That was one helluva honeymoon!  We were over-the-moon ecstatic when we found out that we were going to be parents.  The thrill and joy of having you in our daily lives is nothing short of AWESOME.

I can't begin to tell you how hard this year has been.  Not since becoming a mother did I realize how brave I would have to be for another person.  There were days (plenty of days) that leaving the house with you was too terrifying to imagine.  The depth of worry that I thought I knew is nothing compared with becoming a mom.  Even the seemingly silly things can cause concern - is the air too cold, are the lights too bright, is that booger a sign that something is wrong, am I a bad mom for wanting to take a shower instead of watch my baby sleep?  Every day brought new worries or new anxieties.  But everyday was also an opportunity...

You are growing into such a funny and smart person.  It doesn't take you long to catch onto how to make something work; even if the mechanics of doing something are too advanced, you know what's going on and you try to work it out.  You reach for things and point to things that you're interested in.  You have a large vocabulary of understanding named objects in your room and around the house.  You love to tease us with an object in your hand - reaching out to give it and then snatching it back before we can have it.  Recently, you have learned to HUG us and your stuffed animals -- it is THE BEST feeling in the world, aside from your slobbery kisses.  You still have a very gummy grin (no teeth, yet!) and we love to see you smile.  Your laugh is infectious; I never knew laughter like that could melt my heart, over and over again.  I especially love making you laugh when I kiss your neck and make a funny sound - you giggle with delight and jokingly push me away, only to wait with anticipation for me to do it again.  You are sad to see daddy leave for work in the morning; sometimes not wanting to let him go.  You love to smack the dog around and shoo her away when she licks your ears.  You are very curious and adventurous - you get into everything!  And, although, you aren't walking yet, you find a way to be lightening fast in getting to where you want to go.  "Determined" doesn't begin to define you.

Watching you grow and seeing you learn about the world around you is nothing short of enchanting.  I never really saw parts of the world until I saw them from your perspective. Looking at life through the magic of your eyes never gets old - the world has more color because you are looking at it, the music has a different kind of rhythm because you are dancing to it, and the air around you is a bit sweeter because you are breathing it.  And while I may get upset that EVERY SINGLE PERSON says how much you look like your daddy, I've fallen in love with him even more since we had you.  You have given my life a new purpose.  There is no measure for the depth and breadth of love that I have for you.  If there is a God, you are certainly proof that s/he exists.
I love you, Morgan.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Summer has officially come over us.  And when I say "come over us," I mean that the heat has decided to wrap it's ugly arms around us and fart in our faces - with the doors and windows shut tight.  We are in a hotbox of heat and I HATE IT.  Usually July is a moderate month, weather-wise; it's not until August and September that things are supposed to burn up.  But, oh, here we are...

Our 4th of July celebration was the usual: We got together with friends in the late afternoon and watched fireworks together in our favorite mall parking lot.  -This was only after fighting with the neighbor, who really makes my blood boil.  (I would go into our argument, but not knowing your feelings on pets, I shall refrain.)  I can't believe that only a year ago, on the 4th, I was an enormous pregnant lady awaiting the miracle who was about to be delivered to me.  My, my, how things have changed...

Morgan is going to be A YEAR OLD in fewer than two weeks.  My baby is not such a baby anymore... She's getting so big!  It's still amazing to me how wonderful, beautiful and AWEsome she is.  Every day is more fun and she's learning about her world so quickly!  If you ask her where her hair or toes are, you're going to see an immediate tug of the hair or grab of a toe.  Daddy is trying to teach her "where is your nose" but that's going to take some time.  Her vocabulary is expanding and she's really interacting with the environment - especially if there is a dog, cat, or tree nearby.  The best, though, is her sense of humor.  Our daughter is a HAM!  Morgan is always cracking up and making us laugh; she's very good at teasing and playing games.
Our little bug is on the verge of walking, too.  She is very good at cruising around furniture (always has to be holding on to something or someone).  Still, if she wants to get from point A to point B, she crawls.  I'm trying to be good about not holding her as much, during the day, but there are days when it's nearly impossible (she can be a bit clingy).

I hope to post a few more pics after her birthday party.  We have invited nearly 80 people to join us in this first-year celebration and I'm going to lose my mind sometime between now and then.

So, although this summer is starting off hotter than a whore's panties, we're all doing well and having a good time!
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