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Most Normal Girl

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I don't usually review movies on here - but there is one that I think everyone needs to go and see... It's called CRASH and it's about the intersecting lives of different people living in Los Angeles. While I believe this could be a story of anyone living in any socially diverse big city, it seemed to have found the right niche being set among the L.A. backdrop. This hard-to-watch film found it's way to my very core. I could feel the emotional impact of the movie even hours afterwards.

An all-star cast brings life to this complex and mingled group of characters. While no one is a perfect saint and no one is a perfect sinner, it reveals the emotional and often brutal honesty of social hatred, intolerance, and miscommunication. The portrayal of these social stereotypes can be downright sickening - but honest in their delivery. As a member of the audience you can't help but feel drawn in to these character's lives.

I highly recommend this movie; we're talking FIVE STARS, here.

Then go out and find a friend to tell you some really funny jokes - because you'll need it.
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