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Most Normal Girl

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Box Lady

I've recently discovered that I have a really weird nuance that I thought was sort of normal. Apparently, I keep things in boxes - jewelry, my perfume bottles, my iron, my make-up brushes... I even SAVE boxes so that I can put things back - you know, if I ever needed to. Shoes, moving boxes, gift boxes, Xerox paper boxes that I've collected over the years... I swear, I didn't think this was an abnormal thing to do!

I do this because I want to keep things "safe" and "preserved." From what? I really don't know. Maybe I just like the thrill of having to open it up all over again... Sort of like Christmas and your birthday, but you know what's inside. Or maybe it's from those toddler days where we are all just so curious to see how things open up and work and what's inside... Or maybe it's from a genetic disorder that I've gotten from my folks. I know they keep a few things in boxes; maybe I just learned it from them? I don't know...

I'm more self-conscious about my weird habit now. But I still love opening the box of my perfume as I get ready in the morning ~ and THAT I refuse to feel weird about.
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