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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I know, I know. I've been slacking on the posts. There has just been so much going on since last Wednesday night that I haven't had time! Which is a good thing! You know my life is boring when I start posting every day - like in the beginning, last October.

Here's what has been going on in my life:

The rest of Wednesday night - Robbers never broke in. THANK GOD. Timing can be really funny, at times. I had posted the whole "freaking out" thing when not even five minutes later, my phone rang. It was a friend. A friend who gives me 100% comfort no matter what time of day or night it is. And he didn't even know he was doing it. We talked for about 40 minutes and by the end of the conversation, I was sure that nobody would break into our house without SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. GOT IT, ANY WOULD-BE ROBBERS/MUGGERS/RAPISTS WHO LOOK INTO PEOPLE'S HOUSES? I have a lot to say about this phone call - but now isn't the time...

Thursday - Had to work at really random times during the day. I had three hour "shift" from 9-12 and then a huge break and go back to work from 6-9. From 12 to 5 I did nothing but eat and sleep. If every work day was like that, I would be a happy camper. After work I got to spend time with Blair. He had a game that night, so he was running a bit late. But when we finally met up - FIREWORKS. And roses and beer (yay!). He bought me roses and beer (yay!). Do you hear me? ROSES AND BEER (yay!)!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS TO A WOMAN?!?! DO YOU? I wanted to do him right then and there.

Friday - Normal day. I was so glad to have been "done" with last week at work. It was just a really tough week... There were a few things that were happening at the office that just made the mood around here not so great. I can't go into detail, but let's just say that I'm happy it's OVER. That night, I drove out to Burbank to meet Blair for dinner. Across the street from where he works is IKEA. I have a friend who works there so I got a chance to catch up with him... That was good... Dinner was great - Blair's friends met us for dinner. I love double-dates like that - the conversation is always good and usually the laughs are abundant. This was no exception. Blair had bought a new t.v. that day, so his friends helped us move it - THANK GOD. There was no way I was going to be able to help bring the t.v. up his flight of stairs and I would have given myself an ulcer watching him try to do it on his own. The night ended late - but it was just the beginning...

Saturday - Finally got to sleep in! YAY for sleeping in! But DAMN for having a cold that wakes me up at 6a.m. and REFUSES TO LET ME GO BACK TO SLEEP. DAMN YOU COLD VIRUSES! Know how to combat a cold? CHOCOLATE. And know where to get good chocolate? Solvang. Yep, it's true. We hit the road with the top down and drove up the coast to the quiet town of Solvang. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and I couldn't have been more happy than to be sitting in the passenger seat next to the guy that makes me giddy.

Solvang was awesome. I haven't been there since I was a kid, so this was really a first-time trip for me. We went wine-tasting, chocolate-tasting, shopped, ate, made references to "Sideways," and enjoyed all that a Saturday afternoon had to offer. The only kink in the day was the damn speeding ticket that he got on the way back. (No, "we" did not get the speeding ticket. HE did.)

That night we headed to Burbank for a birthday party at a karaoke bar. His best-friend from high school is turning 29 years old, so we went to celebrate. AND HAD A FREAKING FANTASTIC TIME! Just when I thought things couldn't get any better from a perfect day...

Sunday - Blair had an early morning baseball game. We got up early and headed out - love my man in uniform. Grrr. I sat with a wife of one of the other players and her friend. After three hours, it was a no holds bard conversation. Girls do that. I guess it's only fair that if the boys are going to be boys on the field, then the girls are going to be girls in the bleachers. Right?

That afternoon, I got to meet his parents. They came over to his place to bring him an early birthday present (actually, two) and we all went to dinner. I was nervous, I'll admit - I haven't met a guy's parents in... oh... five years. I've met parents of guy friends - but that's not the same. You don't really care what kind of first-impression you'll give to parents of friends. But THIS. THIS was DIFFERENT. My parents mean the world to me and it's important that they like the person I'm dating. So, I just assumed that it would be the same for him. Which, I think it was. The good news is that I PASSED! The first-impression (however good or bad) has already been made and now I'm free to completely make a jackass out of myself. Which I'm sure I'll do. His parents are wonderful - of course. I was so glad to have met them and to learn a little more of the guy I was proud to be with all weekend.

Sunday night was the end of what was among the best "normal" weekends I've ever had. It was a weekend filled with friends, family, food, fast-cars, and a fine guy. What else could a girl want?

Thoughts of all that had happened ran through my mind as I fell asleep that night; close to him and in complete ecstasy.
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