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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

He's A Rock Star - Well, Sorta

Me and my bro - Camp Pendleton

Sunday night, my family (plus one) got together at a restaurant to devour food and make small talk - like most families. My brother had been serving his "one weekend a month" time over the weekend and he was not shy about telling us ALL ABOUT IT. IN DETAIL. AND IT DIDN'T END. WE DIDN'T "TALK" ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE. I SWEAR. ... AND JUST WHEN YOU THINK THAT PART OF THE CONVERSATION IS OVER, HE STARTS UP AGAIN. That kid can talk. Anyway, in the middle of one of his stories a group of kids (I would guess ages 7 to 10) came up to our table and in perfect unison said to him, "Excuse us, but thank you for serving our country." They all had this sheepish look on their faces and were sort of giggling - as if they had just said something to a famous person. I can't remember the last time my brother turned the color of CRIMSON RED in an instant. What was his response to these sweet children? "No prob."

...Smooth move there... The one who would not shut up could only come up with "No prob?" Are you kidding me? Short and sweet finally got through to him but he DID NO ONE AT THE TABLE ANY SUCH FAVORS? Lucky kids.

He picked up in the middle of his story right where he left off. I couldn't resist after about 30 seconds and I just blurted out, "YOU WERE LIKE A ROCK STAR!" Apparently, everyone else was thinking it too, but I just happened to finally say something. Everyone agreed and the moment was over.

That's why my brother wears the uniform at every opportunity - just like any other 19 year-old boy, it's FOR THE ATTENTION. And who am I to blame him? I'm just as much of an attention whore.

I love my brother more than anyone else on this planet. He cracks me up, and pisses me off, with the best of 'em. I love that he rambles on and on about his weekend stories and I love watching him get embarrassed but play it off as COOL. I'm really going to miss him if he... uhh... ever gets called up...
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