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Most Normal Girl

Saturday, March 12, 2005

One Bottle Of Wine And One Beer Later...

So this is what it's come to: My ex is getting married June 5th in Hawaii (YES! JOE is getting MARRIED! It doesn't make sense!); the NEW GUY I was excited about is practically on the way out (did I mention that we haven't seen each other in three and a half weeks?); I spent way too much money on clothes when I really can't afford to be buying clothes ~ oh, and I found out that I had to go up another size in clothing because my hips have this uncontrollable need to keep expanding; Columbia University rejected me from their Graduate Program (letter arrived today); and my boss called to tell me how much she didn't want to go to London for work (can I be any more jealous?). That's my day, in a nutshell. Oh, and I've watched everything TiVo had recorded for me...so now I'm bored. With nothing to look forward to.

I think I deserve to be sitting here on my bedroom floor, one bottle of wine and one bottle of beer later, HATING LIFE.
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