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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Those L.A. Wanna-Be Types

So last night, I went swimming for about two hours. (Two whole hours that I committed here: that's serious.) My apartment complex has a beautiful pool and spa - both heated to the perfect temperature (HOT). I've been trying to be more active and lose some of this weight that has latched itself to my middle, hips and ass. Two hours was nothing in this perfect atmosphere of hot water and soggy ass-cheeks.

After my laps in the pool (who am I kidding? I was floating back and forth across the pool.) I decided to have some well deserved R&R in the spa for a while. A few kids had come in while I was swimming and planted themselves in the spa - so, me being me, I was going to make new friends. As it turns out, they were all first year students from one of the local colleges. Let me introduce you to Hayley, Tarik and Grant.

Hayley: Sweetheart of a girl. She originated from the Cal Coast and seemed like an ordinary girl who was trying to fit into a social network led by a buffoon.

Tarik: A chatty kid hailing from D.C. He was interesting and knew how to carry a conversation - inquisitive by nature.

Grant: King of the BUFFOONS. He was the whitest boy I've ever seen, but was from Hawaii and was wearing the bling bling. He talked like he wanted to be the cool Vince Vaughn type but had absolutely nothing to show for it. I thought he was a royal idiot.

They were all looking to go into "the industry" (but really, who in L.A. isn't?). They were asking me questions about my experiences in Hollywood and what I thought about their ideas. Ah, to be young and naive again. Grant, of course, thought he was too cool and there was no question in his mind that he was going to have one big break-out video (that's right I said v-i-d-e-o) that would catapult him into the Great Halls of Fame. I told him that along the way, besides being good at what you do (which, based on his appearance, he had that all screwed up) you actually have to meet people WHO LIKE YOU. I thought it would have been too mean to tell him to his face, "Hey, you royal idiot, get a clue. I DON'T LIKE YOU AND WITH THAT ATTITUDE NOBODY IN THIS TOWN WILL EITHER." So, instead, I said it to Hayley and she laughed. We were friends from that moment on.

It drives me crazy. There are too many people in this city who come with high hopes and expectations. Fine. But when they have over-arrogant attitudes and egos the size of Texas, it's just disgusting. They are exactly the kind of people that give L.A. a bad name and they're a dime a dozen. Don't let THOSE PEOPLE tarnish your outlook of what is truly a FABULOUS city.

But then again, you're a great audience and you know what's what. You're smarter than the average bear and I love you.
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