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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Topic For The Day: Who Is The Better Driver

Who makes for a better driver - men or women?

Most would contest men. However, in my experience, it seems to be women. Among my small family, the women are up 3-0. Both my dad and my brother have TOTALED cars (my brother flipped our Jeep no less than six times on the freeway and my dad drove the Mustang head-on into a wall, on the freeway). Guess how many accidents my mom and I have been in? If you guessed ZERO, you're a freakin' genius. (I'm only talking about us being the actual drivers. She was in the accident with my dad January of 2004.)

Yesterday afternoon, I was out doing some errands. While on my way home, a guy in a truck pulled out into the middle of an intersection - while he had a red light and I had the green. My light had started to change yellow when this guy decided to pull into the intersection. WHAT AN IDIOT! I honked my horn (which takes a lot for me to do, because I am not honker) and gave him that "WHAT THE FUCK?" expression - with the hands thrown up and everything! He just waved it off like it was no big deal. Luckily, I was going through the intersection slow enough that we didn't hit each other. But then again, I TRULY am a good driver and he's - well, he's a man... and I content that women are better drivers. (Better meaning safer.)

Given the proportion of men to women in the general population, one would assume that there would be more women drivers. Perhaps that's why we are given the bad rapp? Or is it that women really are worse drivers - more aggressive and what-not?

So, I'll put the question to you: Who are the better drivers - men or women?
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