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Friday, April 01, 2005

Great Panty Raid of 2005

You won't believe what I came into the office to find this morning... I swear, I think it is the funniest April Fool's Joke I've ever gotten. I came in, put all my stuff down in my office - pulled out my "drawer" with my computer keyboard on it... And there was this HUGE pair of women's underwear with the word STOP on the front of it. It was nicely folded, just sitting there. On the back (butt) part, it read, NO. REALLY. STOP. I was laughing so hard, I was crying. Granny panties don't even begin to describe how huge this pair of underwear is! And the best part is all of those words were ironed on - like a cheesy version!

I started asking/accusing different colleagues about the panties. Nobody took credit for them.

So then, we are all ready to head out for lunch and I look through my purse (I don't even remember what for) and I see another pair of granny panties - but this time with paw prints and a couple of "pussy" cats on them. So I hide those in my desk drawer and don't mention it to any of my friends at lunch.

After lunch, I'm doing some work at my desk. I got called away for about 20 minutes and when I came back, there was ANOTHER pair of granny panties! But this time, my computer monitor was wearing them - with a note... (They corrupted my computer!) The note reads (in a very ransom-notesque way), "You have skillfully avoided mentioning the 2nd pair of unmentionables... can you ignore these?" Well how could I avoid such a blatant pair of panties! And on my innocent monitor!?!? They had "No?" ironed on them all over the front. So, I couldn't exactly hide this third pair from my colleagues (because I was laughing so loud).

About an hour ago, I was at my desk working when a pair of underwear comes flying at me and lands square on my papers. It's an even bigger pair of underwear with yet another "pussy" on the front of it. I look up to see my boss, my colleague from across the main office, and the guy down the hall standing there, waiting for my response. The three of them were in on it and THEY GOT ME, GOOOOOD. They had all been an integral part of the April 1st joke - even going over to one person's house to do the ironing all together!

I feel very blessed to have such good friends who can leave unmentionables in my office all day, who took the time to plan this whole thing out, and who care enough to walk into Sears and embarrassingly buy granny panties. In this case, I was definitely the "butt" of the joke.

Hope you had a Happy April Fool's Day!

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