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Thursday, March 24, 2005

You Know You've Dated Too Much When...

A guy I had dated three years ago was great. His name was Jordan and he was probably the closest guy (geographically) that I've ever dated. He lived only five exits up the freeway from me. FIVE. Do you hear me? FIVE. I'm the girl who manages to date geographically UNdesirable men. FIVE EXITS. I should have stuck with him - just for that. But such is life, we only dated for about three months. It was fun while it lasted. We had met at a party (while I was on THE WORST DATE OF MY LIFE - but that story is for another day) and things sort of began from there. I hadn't given him much thought after things ended between us. That is, until today.

Jordan had managed to get in touch with a friend who was trying to sell one ticket to the World Series (when the Angels were in it). My dad is a huge fan, so my mom and I managed to get the one ticket for my dad. He loved it and now has a framed memory box up in our house.

Anyway, this all leads me to what has just happened... It's no surprise that I've dated men from the Internet. Hey, it's the new way of meeting people right?!?! (If you judge me for it, GO TO HELL.) So, I started talking to a guy today... We start talking about baseball and one thing leads to another... Before we know it, we both realize that HE was the guy that sold that one ticket to our family!

You know you've dated too much when you start meeting friends of former ex's. How in the world have I run out of men to date in one of the biggest cities in the WORLD? How? How? I was so embarrassed about the whole situation!!! I don't even think the girls from Sex & The City ran out of men to date! What does this say about me?!

I guess it's official - I'm a dating WHORE.

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