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Friday, May 06, 2005

Harvard Calling


If you've already figured it out or heard this story, you can skip to the end. For those of you who haven't - read this!!!

As we all know, I was on a ten-day business trip in San Diego and San Francisco from late April until May 1st. I got home on Sunday but was looking forward to having the next day to myself... Which, of course turned into a Me And Blair day inclusive of a trip to Disneyland and taking in a Dodger Game. It was a great day. I was actually looking forward to going to work the next day (I had missed my "girls" of the office). So Tuesday rolls around and after checking e-mail, sitting in on a staff meeting, trying to get all of my crap from my travels in some sort of semblance, I checked my voicemail. The third message went like this (notice the quotes):

"Hi Jessica, this is __ calling from the Higher Ed program office at Harvard's Graduate School of Education. Our class is shaping up and we are delighted to be able to extend an offer to you and would love for you to join us here next year. Please give me a ring back just to confirm that you've received the message and of course if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. Again we're thrilled that we can extend the offer to you and hope to be helpful in any way that we can as you come to make a decision. Thanks very much. Have a great afternoon. Bye bye."

My first thought was... Uh, WHAT?! And then it was... HOLY SHIT. I even think I said that during the second time I replayed the message - just to make sure I had heard it right.

I ran to my boss's office where I could share my good news. I screamed, I jumped, I clapped, I got giddy and goofy, and then I really don't remember much. Lots of people were hugging me and my brain sort of switched off... It was an incredible "high" and I still haven't quite come down yet.

There are so many people that I wanted to share my good news with. And, of course, there are even more people to extent a giant THANK YOU for helping me realize my goals. Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances have all been an integral part of this and I am just so grateful.

I'm leaving for Boston toward the beginning of September. It's my most favorite city in the U.S. and I've wanted to live there for as long as I can remember. The time has come - there is a change in the wind.

It won't be easy, though. Southern California is "home." I'm still learning new things about this city... The real emotional aspect comes when I think of close family, friends, and that wonderful boyfriend. Leaving them (which is TRULY my "home") will be the toughest thing I will ever have to do. I feel as though I'm leaving on one of the biggest adventures of my Life and all I can see is people beginning to line up on the shore to bid me a temporary farewell. But that's just it - temporary. I have no idea what will happen after school - I may come back or Life may take me in a new direction. No matter where I end up or what I end up doing, I know that I can always come "home" to the ones I love. They have been my guiding stars throughout this twenty-something journey and continue to give me inspiration and support. I'm such a lucky girl.

Anyway, just wanted to share with the world my big news.
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