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Monday, October 01, 2007

Who Needs A Leaf Blower When You Have A Vacuum?

When I'm in town, I walk Bailey every morning. Usually, we are both still bleary eyed and half-awake when we walk out the door. However, Bailey has an uncanny way of quickly making every outing an adventure. As all puppies are wont to do, she is curious about her surroundings and things she finds on the ground. So curious, it seems that she needs to pick everything up in her mouth for a few steps before moving on to the next. Leaves, cigarette butts, pieces of paper, baby socks - you name it, she'll pick it up. I've realized that the only way to stop this behavior is to keep her moving. ...Which means, I have to keep moving... FAST.

My friends used to say that I have a tendency to walk fast; probably because my short legs constantly had to keep up with everyone around me! But at 6:00am (or earlier), I'm not exactly in the fast-paced walking mode. That is, until now. I try to remind myself that this is GOOD for me, especially GOOD for Bailey. We both need decent exercise. But, holy crap, it's kicking my ass!

The joys of being a pet owner continue.
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