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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Precious Moments

There are moments in life when I ask God to take a picture because I never want to forget it.  I've had many of these over the last year - getting married, traveling, spending time with good friends, cuddling with Bailey, watching our baby move in my tummy, and more.  But the other night really took me by surprise.

Blair usually comes home around dinner time while I'm trying to put out flames in the kitchen.  (It's an art, really.)  He will walk in, take off his tie, play with the dog, and settle in near the TV.  I let him have some down-time before asking about his day and starting our normal evening conversation.  So the other night should not have been any exception which is why it took me by surprise when he changed the routine.  He walked through the door and went straight to the stereo to plug-in the Ipod.  I was still working in the kitchen (those flames sometimes get high) and wasn't really paying attention to what he was up to.  He asked me to come over to the living room and that's when he put on my favorite song.  He wrapped me in an embrace and we danced... 

It was one of the sweetest moments.  I guess those unexpected, special, quiet times are among my favorite.  They remind me that life is often about living in the present and not necessarily planning for the future.

And now, as I write this, Bailey is curled up by my side in dreamland while our baby is making waves of my tummy.  WONDERFUL.
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