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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Last weekend, your daddy and I bought a "My Baby Book" for you which allows us to document a lot of this pregnancy and the first few years of your life.  We were excited to start working on it - daddy even wrote you a letter that was so sweet and special!  I did, too.  But, tonight, I want to write you a note to tell you what's been going on between the two of us: mommy and baby.

The last few weeks you have been very active.  You like to lie on my right side but I think the last few days have been a growth-spurt because I'm starting to feel more movement on BOTH sides at the same time.  My belly is getting bigger which means that you are getting bigger.  Your 4D ultrasound revealed that you are a little bigger than average at this stage - I think that's a healthy sign.

Our next doctor's appointment is on Monday.  (Daddy has been a real supporter in all of this - going to each and every appointment with me.)  I love to catch up with Vicky the nurse and to hear the doctor say that "everything looks good." 

I "wear" you with pride.  You look good on me, kid, and I can't help but think how beautiful this pregnancy is.  I will often spend time looking at us in the mirror and I marvel at how special and lovely this time is for me and your daddy.  We love you, so much, and are excited to be your parents.  We love to talk to you and sing to you.  When you're having an especially active evening, your daddy will put his hand on my tummy and tell you to quiet down so mommy can get some sleep.  Sometimes it works... sometimes not.

Daddy and I are working on getting your room ready.  We have some furniture moved in and I'm on the hunt for sheets and decor items.  We will put together the crib this weekend (did I tell you that this is the same crib I had when I was a baby?).  We are so thankful to grandma and grandpa for keeping such good care of the furniture over the years that now you can enjoy it, too!  I hope you find your room comfortable and a place you feel safe.

We finished our Lamaze classes last night and are now officially certified.  -Which is funny, because certified or not, this is happening!  We have packed our "goody bag" for the hospital and just need to pack some overnight clothes before we are birth-ready.  I'll be honest, the whole birth part has me a little anxious but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and I pray that everything will go well.  You have a hard job, too, I know.  But when all is said and done, the three of us will be together and it will be a love-fest!

So, my little one, all is well.  I love feeling you grow inside me - even now, you're rolling around like a champ!  You're a wonderful baby and your dad and I are so proud to be welcoming you into this world.

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