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Monday, February 22, 2010


Over the weekend, my greatest accomplishment was finishing the 500-piece black and white puzzle that I was working on.

(Oh, and dispensing sage advice to a friend upset over a dumb guy.)  Yeah, that's how exciting my life has become.  

But today, Blair took the day off and we got a lot done.  Granted, they were all errands (bank, hardware store, applying for a job, baby furniture shopping, oil change in the car, visit to a big chain store, visit to another big chain store, lunch, getting the dog's nails trimmed, and taking the dog to the park).  Having something to do in my day (besides dancing around the house, singing to the baby) gives me great satisfaction and finding an excuse just to put make-up on is thrilling... I never thought I would say something so ridiculous.  I remember when putting on make-up (and clothes!) was a chore.  Am I pathetic, or what?

Bailey is keeping me company while trying to think up reasons to leave the house again this week - beyond just checking the mail.  Can you say: CUTENESS!
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