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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I Love Boys

I can’t help but love boys. As I sat and watched the Red Sox win the World Series (the first time since 1918), I couldn’t help but enjoy the moment where the guys were just being... guys. Their enthusiasm, their camaraderie, their testosterone, their boyish-ness, all of it was enticing. I just wanted to scoop them all up in the palm of my hand and give them a kiss. It’s in these moments when I truly enjoy being a woman and watching all of these grown men turn into the little boys we used to make fun of on the playground. Ahh, what a site.

Moreover, I can’t help but love the men who love watching these men. Sure, I had no one here (besides my non-sports enthusiast roommate) to watch the game with me. But there were all these cameras that would show live shots of guys in bars, celebrating. I loved them too! It's as if a wave of pheromones seeped through the television set, into my eyeballs, made their way down to my nose and into my heart. ...It was a warm and tender feeling, reminding of just how much I LOVE BOYS.
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