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Most Normal Girl

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Napoleon Dynamite, to be exact. I rented this movie last night and was LAUGHING OUT LOUD, alone in my apartment. There were even a couple of times where I had to pause the DVD so that I could laugh hysterically. I'm not kidding you - tears were, at one point, rolling down my face.

This is an awesome movie about a bunch of nerdy kids and their messed up lives. ~The nerd "complex" included. I can't say that I could relate to any of the characters, but I definitely knew a few of these types of kids growing up. The funny thing is - they KNOW their nerds and they DON'T CARE. It's awesome.

The bonus features on the DVD are well worth it, too. Read (or fast forward) through the credits, as there is more to the story at the very, very, very end... If you haven't seen this DYNAMITE movie, go rent it now. Go NOW. I'm serious - stop reading and GO.

I work on a five-star rating (take it for what it's worth). This one is definitely FIVE STAR.
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