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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why I Miss HOME

So, Blair is on the phone with me when he gets home tonight. I hear him walk through the door (and we're both expecting for Bailey to come bounding toward him as she usually does) and then, SILENCE. Where's Bailey? Every now and then, she'll lock herself in the bedroom. But we now put a towel over the door so that the door never fully shuts. Blair walks to the bedroom. SILENCE. She's not there.

He tells me that he'll call me back. Uh.... okay... WHERE'S THE DOG???

Blair finally found her. She was in the closet. -Apparently, she is ALL GIRL:

Yep, that's my expensive Italian purse on her head. Blair found her like this and took a couple of pics before becoming her personal hero. Somehow, she managed to get into my purse and then couldn't figure out a way to get it off her head! She locked herself in the closet and stayed there for the better part of the day (we think). She hadn't eaten much of her food, was really thirsty when she was "saved" and Blair had no messes to clean up outside. Poor thing was in the dark for hours. Dazed and confused, Bailey was freed from her leather head-cage. Amazingly, she was still curious about the purse afterwards. Ah, that's my girl... she has good EXPENSIVE taste... Bailey, Bailey, Bailey - I miss you sooo much while I'm traveling for work!!

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