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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Best E-mail

Last Friday I wrote a post on random things that I was thinking. I was lucky enough to leave work early that day - a whopping five minutes early, BUT STILL. In those last five minutes, I got the best e-mail from a very special person... It said something along the lines of my post - having "I'm thinking" at the beginning of each sentence. But the best part of it was when I read, "I'm thinking I love you." And that was obviously after reading my lame post. What a wonderful thing to say. (And now I read it every day.)

It's sort of like when you wake up in the morning, sleep still in your eyes, your hair all matted against your face, imprints from the sheets making zig-zag shapes on your cheeks, and that loved one turns to you and says, "good morning beautiful" (and he means it). Yeah - kind of like that.

(I'm thinking I love you too.)
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