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Monday, August 08, 2005

They're Going HUMP Crazy!

Near work, the city has decided to put in speed bumps along a residential neighborhood that runs to the main road. It serves as a great access route which avoids the main road (inclusive of stop signs and street lights). Lots of people on "the hill" use this alternate route to get into town. Over the past five years, the residents of this particular neighborhood have gotten annoyed with the increased traffic on their streets. So much so, that they have posted their own signage... I've been witness to signs such as "SLOW DOWN! Kids at play" and "GO SLOW".

Someone finally complained loud enough and often enough to get the city's attention. The city did one of those traffic tests whereby they lay two strips of rubber on the street and count the cars that cross them. I guess enough people crossed that it has now led the city to install HUMPS on the streets of the neighborhood. The installation is to happen later this week - but in the mean time, there are big white letters in the street which read, HUMP.

My new favorite sign posted by the residents reads, "MORE HUMPS TO COME."

Four of us found the new HUMP signage in the streets on our way to lunch today. We were going to stop to take pictures, but ran out of time. (Dammit, no time to HUMP!) So tomorrow, we are DEFINITELY stopping. We may build in time to photograph HUMP while at lunch. I know what you're thinking and yes, you should be jealous. Oh yes, we HUMP at work.

Someone remarked that "they're going HUMP crazy" which prompted me to write this post. I hope to have a HUMP picture by tomorrow. ...Stay tuned...
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