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Monday, July 25, 2005

Allergic To The Wedding

Over the weekend, Blair and I went to San Francisco for a friends' wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and the bride and groom looked gorgeous (of course). Blair and I didn't look so bad either - but then again, who doesn't look good at weddings? Anyway, the church and the ceremony were really nice and I couldn't have been happier for my college friend/sorority sister.

The reception started at five o'clock that afternoon. It was a hot, muggy day in San Francisco (very untypical) so it didn't take us long to take full advantage of the open bar. And advantage we took. :)

During dinner, we were seated at a table with other young couples - some of whom I had gone to college with. Everyone got along really well and we were having a great time. The conversation was lively, the company was enjoyable, and things were going along really well. I even got my boy to get up and dance with me - something that I thought was going to take a lot more coaxing and a bit more alcohol. It turns out he can be a pretty good dancer! Who knew?!

So there we are, having a GREAT time as the night progressed. We were dancing our asses off, laughing, drinking, and enjoying all that a wedding has to celebrate - life, love, friends and family. But, of course, no wedding can be complete without someone making a scene. This time, it turned out to be me.

It was about 10:30pm or so when I got up to go the bathroom. As I was washing my hands in the sink, I noticed that there were bug-bite looking marks on my neck. There happened to be a cluster of about six of them. I also noticed that there were a couple on my forearm. I was sweating bullets, so I figured some fresh air might do me some good. I went outside, where Blair happened to be, and I showed him my strange bites. He told me that it looked like there were more than just six on my neck - more like ten. I looked down again at my arm and found two more "bites" which were really starting to itch. My skin was turning red and blotchy. A few other wedding guests had made their way outside and were noticing my strange skin condition. It was ugly. And it was getting worse.

The girlfriend of the bride's brother was out there and she suggested going to the hotel store to buy some anti-histamin. Not EVER having an allergy or developing any type of skin condition like this, I was really nervous about the whole thing. Blair was three sheets to the wind by this time and I didn't know what to do. We bought some medicine as well as some anti-itch cream and put it on right there in the lobby of the hotel. I looked like a disaster and it continued to only get worse.

Soon, one of my sorority sisters and another bridesmaid showed up and were telling me about a heat rash that they had both either had or had seen. We all agreed that was what I was having - a heat rash attack. Blair wasn't so sure - he wanted to call an ambulance or go to the Emergency Room... which probably would have been a good idea, but I looked so bad I really didn't want any more people to see me in my awful state. So, we decided to head back to where we were staying.

I didn't get a chance to say "good-bye" to the bride and groom - we just took off. In the car we cranked up the air conditioning and rolled down the windows. I figured the best way to cool down was to freeze my ass off. Wearing a tank top - that didn't take too long. During the drive, we stopped at a McDonald's where I could splash some more water on my face and where Blair could get rid of some of his alcohol. You know a man loves you when he will make himself throw up to help you when you look like an ogre with lepracy. He's just that good.

By the time we got back to the house, my blotches were looking "better." We both went to bed and the next morning they were gone. My spots had vanished. My skin was back to its normal pastey-white color and all the blotches had cleared up. As quickly as it had come, I was surprised to see it was gone by morning. Not that I'm complaining - I'm glad I no longer look like a freak. (Shut it to those of you who are making a snide comment right now. I said SHUT IT.)

Today, the bride called me from her honeymoon to ask if I was okay. Aside from being really embarrassed, I'm fine. I apologized profusely for leaving without saying "good-bye" but it still doesn't seem like enough. This was probably one of the best weddings I've ever been to and I had to leave early because of stupid skin condition. She was so incredibly understanding - I guess my spots had created quite a little buzz after we left. I hate calling attention to myself in moments like these - especially when it's someone else's day. But she's a good friend who just wanted to check up on me and I'm so appreciative.

So, here's to the newlyweds Andrea and Kevin Soto. Thanks for your friendship and love. I know you will have a beautiful life together ~ and I'm just so glad I could add a memorable story to your day! Cheers!
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