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Most Normal Girl

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Not Ready For This

Today - and the rest of the week - I have to move out of my office. Even though I will still work here for three more weeks, we have already hired a new person and the office space is limited. Therefore, I will be "office-less" for the rest of my time here. Or I'll be utilizing others' offices while they are on vacation. Fun, fun.

I came into work today, armed with my camera. I've taken no less than two dozen photos - just to remember how pretty my office was. I'm a nostalgic person so having these photos will remind me of how good my time here was.

I've cried a few dozen tears, too. It was exactly five years ago, tomorrow (my birthday), that I moved into this office. It's been my "home" and my "space" while working here and I am sad to be leaving it.

I know this is a ridiculous thing to get so emotional over. Who cries over an office? Well, I do. I guess the reality of my move is really starting to set in - and I'm just not ready for this chapter of my life to be over yet. It's been a great run here...
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