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Friday, January 05, 2007

People Who Work At Starbucks Must Have Graduated From McDonalds

I admit that I worked at a coffeeshop for a while and that I may not have been the World's Best Barista. However, I do have common sense which is more than I can say for some of our friends at Starbucks.

I am a tea drinker. That means that I drink tea. No coffee for me. No cup 'o joe, EVER. But that message may not be all that clear - I can understand the confusion: NO COFFEE is hard to interpret.

So I'm on my way into work this morning and I make my frequent stop at the Starbucks nearby. They have a couple of new staff members in there, or shifts have changed, so there are a few new faces who don't know me. YET. I order my usual, "Venti Earl Grey tea with only one tea bag," I say. Seems like a simple enough order, right? Apparently not, because the girl (and I swear to God this is true) looks at me with a weird expression… goes behind the counter and starts to pour a large coffee. I tell her, again, that I asked for tea. Now, mind you, this is a seemingly normal young lady who speaks perfect English. She then reaches for a small cup and starts to pour hot water. Again, I speak up and say that I wanted a large – even though I should only be charged for a small. (Essentially, I’m paying for the tea bag. This is why I stressed the “only one tea bag” part of my order.) Now the girl is utterly confused. She comes back to the counter, looks at me squarely, and asks “you want a tall tea but in a venti cup?” “YES. I want more water.” Okay, now I assume we are making progress. She then tells me that she has to ask her manager. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT FOR HER TO UNDERSTAND? The manager is standing nearby (thankfully) and repeats what I have already told her – “put one tea bag in a venti cup, but charge her for a tall.” TA DA! BRILLIANT!

After she brings the correct drink over to the counter and rings me up, she looks at me and says, “a venti tea but charged for a tall?” THIS GIRL STILL DOESN’T GET IT. If I had balls, I would have replied “sh!t for brains but works at Starbucks?”
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