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Friday, December 22, 2006

Old Ladies

I can understand that getting old is a hard thing. Hell, I'm into my mid-to-late twenties now, and I FEEL like an old lady (at times). The achy back, the sore muscles, the eye-sight isn't what it used to be, waiters no longer carding you for alcohol, people calling you "ma'am," the grey hairs, the constant comment of how cold it is, and all that jazz - it's downhill from here. I get it.

But one thing I CANNOT understand is why old ladies insist on letting thier mole-hairs get long. You know who you are, old ladies. Don't tell me that you can't see it - it's on your freakin' face! You can still see well enough to put make-up on every morning, but you can't see the inch-long hair that is protruding from your face-mole? What's the matter with you? Take some tweezers to that sh!t - no one wants to see it!
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