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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

California Has Never Seen A "Noreaster" Cold

Although it's not as bad as some of those New England 'Noreaster' cold snaps, Southern California is beginning to get COLD. Yes, folks, even WE can get into the 20's at night. The next couple of days are bringing cold temps (we might even get as low as the 60 degree mark, for a daytime high), cold winds (the infamous Santa Ana winds are-a-comin'), and frosty nights. The mid-state wine valleys are predicted to have a rough crop season with the cold... NOOOO! Not the wine; spare the wine!!

Today, I've layered myself in a turtle-neck AND a sweater. (Whoa, I know.) I still feel like I need space heater under my desk to warm the footsies.

CA has made me soft. Last year, in 60 degree weather, I would have been wearing sandals.
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