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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Meet Jack... He's Our First

Yay! We finally got a picture of "Jack" up! ..Thank you, Blair..


Oh wait... no... you can't meet Jack. Why, you may wonder? Well, let me tell you. "SOMEONE" was supposed to take a picture of our Jack so that it could be posted on this blog. But "SOMEONE" is apparently too busy... and is now just procrastinating. Jack is starting to grow mold and will soon be tossed into the trash. However, Jack was definitely a significant part of our lives.

He was Blair's first pumpkin, you see. We spent a great deal of time looking for Jack, finding the right tools to carve his face, drawing designs, gutting his insides, and making him "ours." He is precious. And I would love to show you a photo of him... but... well, you know.

Sit tight, my friends, for one day there will be a photo of our First Jack. (Hopefully before the Winter Holidays!)
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