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Most Normal Girl

Friday, October 06, 2006


I'm in Pittsburgh. My association is having their annual conference at the Convention Center, here in PA. I missed last year's event (you know, that little thing called SCHOOL was going on) but have been coming to these things for a few years. They are a blast. It's so fun to catch up with friends and to socialize - the way immature adults like to socialize.

Someone remarked last night that he had never been to a place where, when the speaker was talking, he would pause for a breath and take a swig from the beer in his hand. AWESOME. What could be better? This is how I know I'm in the right profession with the right kind of people - MY PEOPLE.

Tonight is the big hoorah - the California Suite. (SWEET!) I call it a big orgy party. I plan to stay out late, to find trouble around every corner, and once again find the reason for why I endure this awful travel - to be among friends.

PS - For those of you who don't know my profession, nor have any clue as to what these conferences are all about, please consider the source. I like to tell stories. I'm not really hosting an orgy tonight (although THAT would make for some good reading!), but rather, a "SUITE" celebration with lots of alcohol and lots of over-worked people who like to let-loose. I can guarantee there will be some crazy make out sessions among colleagues tonight -and years ago I would have been an active participant- but let's not forget the point of this blog. It was designed to tell the tale of a "Most Normal Girl" in her quest to find A MAN. And folks, I've found a keeper. Do you really think I would jeopardize losing him at something like this? NO F'ING WAY.
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