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Friday, September 01, 2006

Apparently, I'm Boring

Yesterday at work, a colleague sent everyone an e-mail saying that he was going to be putting up some contact information for each of us. He was asking for interesting or funny quips that could be added as a "bio" under everyone's picture. This got me thinking...

I'm boring. I have nothing funny... nothing interesting... I'm a serious person with dull interests (example: I love reading the Chronicle of Education, I'm fascinated that Pluto is no longer a planet, that Vanna White is still employed, that I don’t like BBQ sauce but I LOVE Arby’s sauce, that I can analyze human behavior but can’t figure out my boyfriend, and that tripping, falling down entirely, farting, or laughing so hard that your drink comes out your nose are the funniest things EVER). How, then, can I communicate in a couple of sentences that I have no hobbies, no role models, no crazy stories, no big passion for any particular sports team (except the Yankees and the Raiders - WHO I HATE), and yet - I'm someone you should very much want to talk with?

Well, as usual, I obsessed about it for hours. I even asked my parents... who ultimately came up with nothing.

I guess it's true - I'm abnormal in the "interesting" category. GREAT.
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