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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Living With The Parents, Part I

Ahh... living with the parents is entertaining. Because my dad is a high school teacher, he has the summer off. This free time usually lends itself to all those "honey-do's" that he can't (or won't) get around to during the normal school year. This summer is no exception - my dad is keeping himself appropriately busy.

Since I'm still living at home my dad is always home at the end of the day. I've been getting home a little late most nights, so mom has been there too. Every now and then, my dad gets a hair up his ass and gets stuck on an idea - where my mom and I exchange those "glances." A few nights ago, my dad wanted to watch a movie ("let's watch a family favorite!"). Of course he couldn't let it go and besides The Princess Bride and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, I can't think of any other family favorite movies. I was a little worried about what we might end up watching as a supposed family favorite -- Die Hard? Harvey? Some Random Shit That Nobody Wants to Watch? We ended up watching Dave. He didn't format the screen correctly and then he added subtitles to the bottom of the screen (I guess we need to learn French now). I kept looking over at my mom - doing those "glances" at every opportunity.

I don't know if my dad just likes having the kids back in the house or if he's simply getting old. Either way, it's pretty funny to watch him fumble around. Ahhh, dad... I love you so much... and I love that you make me laugh behind your back...
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