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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Far, Far Away

I'm in the Bay Area (San Francisco for you who don't speak CA-lingo). I've been here since Friday, visiting friends, babies and two-year olds of said friends, and grandparents. It's been a nice couple of days and I'm soooo glad that I've taken some time away from home. After all, a girl can only get so much of Springer before she needs to escape from TVland and remember that the world is still normal.

Let me tell you a few of the highlights since being here:

On the flight up, I saw an AWESOME guy. He looked to be about 192 years old, cruising in his ghetto fabulous wheelchair, darting those shifty eyes behind sunglasses that Jackie O. would have been proud of, and sporting a hat that read: NO MERCY. I wanted to kick him in the knee caps just to see if he would chase after me and make that hat mean something. But I didn't.

I spent lots of time with an adorable 2 year old who calls me Aunt Jessie. I got to read, play, sing, help with bathroom "duty," bathe, dress and follow her EVERYWHERE. I loved it. For three days and three nights, we were best buddies. ...And now I want a beautiful and perfect daughter - just like her - to follow me home...

I attended a baptism of a six-month old (sister of the 2 year old). It was the sweetest and loudest Church ceremony I've seen in a long time. There were family and friends (and other children of these friends) who attended, with a party to follow. We had such fun - it was a true celebration.

I'm now at the grandparent's house, oohing and aahing over their new painted walls. It truly is beautiful. I thought I loved their house before, but NOW... when they're not looking, I might just steal it. -Speaking of stealing, we had a fantastically funny conversation about theft on the deck last night. I admitted to keeping extra money that was handed to be from a Burger King employee while my grandmother admitted to NEVER committing such a sin as THEFT. My grandfather piped up that he saw at least seven ash trays sitting pretty on the deck that had mysteriously been swiped from hotels... and he didn't do it. So my grandmother is not only a thief, but a liar too. I was cracking up.

And finally, it looks like when I return to Los Angeles in a few days, I will be employed. I'm about to accept a position as an Associate Director at a small college in Southern California. Can I get a "whoop whoop!"? (You must raise your hands over your head as if raising the roof when you say that. Go on, do it - you'll have fun, I promise.) I'm just glad that I will now be able to pay my bills without that worried crease in my forehead becoming more and more prominent. Oh, and of course, I will get to move into a place of my own - no longer will I have to live out of the suitcases and boxes that have scattered the southland! No longer will it take me two hours to find my birth control pills! No longer will I have to feel like a guest in everyone else's home! No longer will I have to worry that my underwear may be lying in a stack of another person's dirty laundry! No longer will I have to ask to use another computer! NO - I can have a place of my own! The world will be right again!

Hope your world is rockin' too, my friends!

I'll post a few photos when I get home.

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