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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lady Luck

So the past few days were spent in Las Vegas with the boy. You know, THE boy. As in, the boyfriend.

This was the first trip to Vegas where I didn't go with girlfriends and try to hit on (or hook up with) at least one HOTTIE. I had my own hottie with me the whole time. And he was hot. Sure, I looked damn good too - but at least when I woke up in the morning with the pillow lines indented into my cheeks and the mascara all over my eyes, he still smiles and says he loves me. And guess what - I got the digits in my phone PERMANENTLY. Who needs a flush when I've got a guy who is as good as gold? Or platinum. Take your pick.

Oh how I love being able to wake up next to someone when I look like ass and he still thinks I'm sexy. Nevermind the $200 that I no longer have in my savings account.

Viva Las Vegas!

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