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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Does Anyone Ever Read This Thing Anymore?

I haven't abandoned ship altogether... yet. I've just been too busy to think about writing in the blog. You see, I have TWO WEEKS left of school. TWO WEEKS. People, did you hear me?! I said, TWO WEEKS. That's only eight school days (I don't have classes on Monday) to screw up my Harvard career! There's oh-so-much to do and only TWO WEEKS to do it in.


Currently, I'm procrasinating. I've got three HUGE research papers to write and am hoping that pigs will fly and hell will freeze over - just so they write themselves. I've even started offering people $100 to write them for me. So far, no takers. (Can't say I blame them.)

But at least there's only TWO WEEKS left.

Do you know what I'll be doing at noon (EST) on Friday, May 12th? Do you? I will be jumping up and down, clapping, crying, and laughing. I will then announce WE'RE DONE to whoever will listen and skip my happy ass down to the closest bar. ...I've been really good about NOT drinking these last few weeks (not out of choice, but because I'm low on funds), so getting me blitzed should be no problem at all... Ahh, I can't wait!


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