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Most Normal Girl

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Signs Of Spring

Yep, it's happening. All around ~ SPRING is in the air. Besides the fact that the last two days have been absolutely gorgeous (and warm), signs of life are once again sprouting around Cambridge. ...There were these creatures, called people that infiltrated Harvard Square the past three days. They were sitting outside with their lunches, street performers could be heard blocks away, SUNGLASSES were being worn, smiles adorned their faces... ah, it was glorious.

Yesterday, my friend Rachel and I had to work on a school project together. While walking to the library she spotted actual flowers that were blooming. It was amazing. Who knew that such plants could exist in March? Again, another sign that Spring is on the way.

Happy, happy, happy... this is the only word that can only describe how everyone is feeling. The death of winter that has surrounded us for months is now beginning to show signs of life. I can't wait for Spring in New England; if it was as pretty as the fall, we're in for a treat.

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