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Most Normal Girl

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Doctor Appointment

Sometimes, it sucks to be a girl. We get poked and prodded all over the place.

Yesterday I had a "woman's" exam; head to toe and top to bottom (literally). My doctor was great and she was very gentle - talking to me and answering questions all the while checking me out. Even though this is a doctor and she's professional, I still feel weird about these exams. Besides being completely naked in front of a stranger and having them touch you in the most private of areas, you don't even get anything out of it (at least, I don't). I mean, at least a lollipop would be nice.

The speculum is always the device that creeps me out the most. "You're going to put that where to do what?" Ick. And it looks like a duck - I mean, who can ever look at a duck the same seeing that their beak has been in your crotch.

I'm just glad my annual visit is done and out of the way. I've been told, initially, that I'm a healthy growing girl. (Growing around the ass, mostly.) That's good... now let me go find some greasy pizza...

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