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Most Normal Girl

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Last Radio Station To Do Online Streaming

I'm soooo very thankful that L.A.'s KROQ is finally streaming on the web. My absolute favorite morning show is on KROQ and I couldn't be happier to be able to listen to it live, now. The only problem is that their "live" is three hours later here. So they begin at 8:30am, Boston time. I usually leave my house by 7:45am. DAMMIT.

Today, though, I got to listen for a little while. I WAS SO HAPPY! Kevin and Bean were a staple in my morning routine at home and now I get to have a little piece of that happiness back.

Thank you KROQ, for giving me my Kevins and Beans. I love me the Kevins and Beans. And Ralphs. And Lisas. And Docs. And Super Steves. And Mikes. And the Kings of Mexico. You may be the last radio station on the planet to catch up to the online world, but you finally did - and you've brought home that much closer. Thank you, thank you!
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