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Friday, July 21, 2006

My Crappy Day

You know how there are just those days where you never should have gotten out of bed? I had one of those today.

On the face of it, you wouldn't think it was ALL THAT bad. But it was lousy for me.

Let's begin:

*First, the boyfriend was being unclear about the weekend plans. I hate it when that happens. Make a decision. Don't make me make the decision because a decision definitely WILL NOT be made. Just tell me where I have to be and when. I had tried to have this conversation the previous evening - but that got nowhere. He tells me to come to his house - which is 72 miles away. This isn't sooo bad, but when it is 108 degrees outside and my car has no A/C... it makes it a pain just to think about.

*Second, after I had gone downstairs to see what the boys (dad and brother) were up to, friends arrived at the house to bring over beer. This would ordinarily be okay. But at 9:30am, I look like ass - I still have sleep in my eyes and I'm not wearing a bra. GREAT.

*Third, I'm 99% sure that a job I had applied for and really wanted will not be offered to me. This was what really threw me over the edge. Actually, it launched me. Launched me into an emotional drama complete with tears, wining, whaling, and a great big pity-party. Everyone was invited to come: Dad, brother, mom (who I called at work), friend in Northern California, and the boyfriend. Turns out, nobody really likes pity-parties - but it was my party and I could cry if I wanted to.

*Fourth, while I was well into my pity-party, my dad decided that it was a FANTASTIC time to start lecturing me. This was exactly what I needed. I felt like telling him to SHOVE IT UP HIS A$$, but he's my dad and he gave me $20 earlier this week. Oh, and he's been taking me to lunch everyday this week. Oh, and he's letting me crash at his house. Oh, and he's really a great dad when he's not lecturing me.

*Fifth, I had to find other jobs to apply for. There happens to be NOTHING in the geographic region in which I'm living and those few that are available DO NOT INTEREST ME. I had to put emphasis on the end of that sentence because I don't just want any old job. I want a job that I can be totally committed to - one that motivates me, one that I like to do five days out of the week, and one that will provide childcare 10 years down the road when I'm ready to be a mom.

*Sixth, I had laundry to do. Need I say more?

*Seventh, when I finally decided to make the drive to the boyfriend's place the heat shot up 50 more degrees and the ground started to melt. With me in it. Seriously, I was melting. But at least I had the wind... right? NOOO. Instead, three cars decided to pile up on the one and only freeway that I had to take. I sat in traffic for over half in hour going nowhere. And it didn't end there! When I was only a few miles away from his house - a fire erupted on the hillside. FAN-F*CKING-TASTIC. It took me thirty-five minutes to drive one mile. I was truly melting - and breathing in smoke. Good times, good times.

*Eighth, my checking account is telling me I'm broke. I'm officially broke. School sucked away all my money and my stable income... and for what? Oh that's right, a degree. Which is not getting me a job.

*And now, as my day is coming to a close... I have the poops.

This was truly a CRAPPY day.
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