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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Very Last Woman On The Planet To Be Betrothed

It is official. My brother is engaged and that makes me the very last grandchild in the family to be planning a wedding. And I'm the second oldest. I'm slowly coming to grips with this tidbit of information. VERY SLOWLY... When I'm not coming to grips, I'm obsessing. I'm going to be 28 in 10 days and I'm still - I don't know - a KID.

Here are a few photos from the engagement party. It was a "small" affair with only close relatives.. there were about 50 people there (12 were from our side of the family).

Me and Blair sampling the chips and dip. My two favorite boys.
My dad - giving his speech to the happy couple. Blair, me, my brother's fiancee, my brother. Hotties, in all black. No, we were not in mourning.
Me and my "little" bro.

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