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Friday, August 04, 2006

Sleepless In Seattle Syndrome

I seem to be afflicted with something. It might be the "romance" virus that has a tendency to seep into the hearts of women... I call it the Sleepless In Seattle Syndrome. It's where:

~ the afflicted are looking for that perfect romantic relationship where you find the "magic" in another person
~ where the romance can stop you in your tracks in the middle of a busy street
~ when even though you were living your life the way you had planned out, someone comes and makes your head spin (and you like it!!)
~ where the love is spontaneous and stupid
~ where the connectedness and love can conquer all
~ where brokenhearts, past relationships, family, money, jobs, etc., don't get in the way
~ where you never question or doubt the strength of the relationship
~ where your eyes sparkle and your heart soars at the very mention of the other person's name
~ where every love song on the radio could have been written for you

...but I'm finding that the truth is far, far from that...

Love is complicated and can be messy. As much as you keep hoping for daytime rainbows and moonlit nights, it will sometimes be cloudy and grey. Finding a balance between life, stress, old baggage and expectation - relationships are hard. I've fallen victim to the Sleepless In Seattle Syndrome plenty of times... just hoping that a truly "magical" relationship could exist. Perhaps it can - but not without a lot of smoke and mirrors. But every now and then, I still hope for a nice walk on the beach with a man who I consider Prince Charming.
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