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Friday, August 18, 2006

And Just Like That... It's Gone

I have a few favorite radio stations that I like to listen to, especially in the car when there's traffic. I have my morning show, which has become a staple of my everyday - even when I was in Boston, I would listen to KROQ on the Internet. Then there's the top 40s station, the love song station (for those late nights when I'm feeling mushy), the everything station, and on and on and on. WELL... this past Thursday, one of my very favorite stations (KZLA) went off the air - no warning, no goodbyes, no nothing. POOF - it was gone.

I'll admit it was country - which isn't everyone's cup of tea. But it was the ONLY country radio station in LA. Apparently, KZLA had the biggest country market in the nation (as opposed to other cities which have a number of country-lovers, but who also have a number of country radio stations competing for the top spot). Here, there was a dense population tuning to one channel for country. And now it's gone...

And in its place, this new station (Movin' 93.9... or as I like to call it: Some Shit In The Place of MY Station) Worse yet, Rick Dees is supposed to be coming out of retirement to host part of the morning show. I CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING WORSE.

It's a very sad thing, indeed.
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