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Friday, August 25, 2006

Michael Noer Is A Jackhole

I was stunned when I read this Forbes.com Magazine article. To think that anyone would still have the idea that "a career (woman) can hurt a marriage" is either INSANE or just an ASSHOLE. Maybe a bit of both = an insane asshole.

Things like this get my blood boiling. Where is country headed when we have professionals saying BS like this? I can understand that kind of mentality if you're in another country - or even Utah - but not a writer for Forbes. I thought that the US was actually moving towards becoming a society based on the principles of The American Dream - where equality and justice for all were hallmark to our belief system. Silly me.

And as I sit back in my leather chair, looking out of the window of my big office at the new BMW I bought, I can't help but to wonder: Am I less attractive because I work hard? Because I'm smart? Because I'm ambitious? Because these pictures of loved ones in my office mean the world to me? I can't ever imagine meeting a man who would devalue who I am or what I have accomplished solely based on my desire to have a career.

What's so wrong with having a career? According to Jackhole Mike, there are a number of factors that warn men against women like me. However, I find that the strong career-minded women who I have come to know and respect are miles above average. And, they are happily married to REAL MEN who love, respect, and appreciate them. Their homes are clean, their kids are happy, their marriages are true partnerships (the way it should be!) and they have jobs that keep them interesting. If anything, I would think that a man would be bored with a woman who is uneducated, who does not have opinions, and who would rather be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Give me a good man who appreciates a decent, hard-working, motivated and educated woman ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. ...Oh, and go F*** yourself Michael Noer.
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