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Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Wish List

Because I only celebrate Christmas for the presents and the food, I am going to do you all a favor and take the guessing out of your shopping stress. Yes, friends, I will provide you with my Christmas Wish List. Feel free to get me one or all of the items, even duplicates are welcome.

So, let us begin:

1. This year, what I really, really, really want is a sugar-daddy. Or a sugar-momma. Hell, just give me some sugar and I'll be happy. (As long as the sugar comes in the form of U.S. dollars.) You see, the greatest gift I could have this season would be to lose this anxiety and stress over money. If anyone could pick up the tab on my student loans, my car payment, my credit card bill, or anything that would allow me to put a portion of my monthly paycheck into a SAVINGS account, that would be AWESOME!

2. In keeping with the same theme, I would like a place of my own to call home. No more living with the parents; no more crashing with the boyfriend. I want a space that is mine, all mine. Preferably, in Pasadena. And preferably not next to the freeway. But close enough to Old Town that I can walk there on the weekends for breakfast. And a place with underground parking. Oh, and nice appliances in the kitchen would be great. With big rooms. And a pool. ...I mean, only if you can...

3. I don't want to detract too much from this whole, "I need money" theme, so I will also accept gift cards. PotteryBarn, Starbucks, Banana Republic, Quizno's, Aaron Brothers, and Amazon.com are among the top favorites. Or even a universal buy-anything-you-want card would be greatly appreciated.

4. Finally, if you can't find it in your dark heart to give me money - then please do your part in nominating me for the 2007 bloggies. Truly, it's just an honor to be nominated. And one day, when I am rich and famous, I will have all you little people to thank.
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